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popular music
popular music characteristics
formally simple

harmonically simple


aesthetic material extends beyond what is notated
commercial music
heavily manufactured

commodity value

fulfills listener's expectations

made for profit
performers in popular music
performer is inextricable from performer

charismatic performers associated with particular songs
distortion of composer's original version: Wild Things by Chip Taylor
Jimmy Hendricks' version is rock+roll/blues/jazz
showmanship: Chuck Berry's Roll over Beethoven
12 bars blue form

many aspects cannot be notated

roots of showmanship

guitar solos -> guitar heroes

signature moves

Gender in performance
issues of sexuality amplified

fluid gender lines

masculine -> metal, rap, country, implicitly masculine styles (singer-songwrite, folk, soft rock)

performing feminity: hypersexual, female empowerment

role reversal: masculine women "I love rock & roll"

popular music industry
commodification where music is turn into product to be sold
creating an image: Britney Spears
image created by producers

sexual potential energy

songs are written to be 'guranteed hit'