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26 Verdant
green with growing
27 modicum
a small quantity or portion
28 aridity
dryness, barrenness
29 mollify
soften, allay someone's rage
30 cacophony
unpleasant, harsh, discordant sound
41 disseminated
scattered, broadcast, spread
42 somnambulist
one who walks and performs other actions durring sleep
43 soporific
causing sleepiness
44 doleful
sad, sorrowful, mourning
45 specious
apperently just or correct, actually not so
46 flout
mock; insult, scoff
47 dogma
set of ideas or some belief
48 dulcet
melodious; soft; soothing
49 spurious
not genuine; counterfeit
50 ebullient
boiling up; bubbling; effervescent
31- shoddy
of inferior material; lacking the quality claimed; sham
32- shrew
scolding, brawling woman
33- discursive
passing from one subject to another
34- shibboleth
criterion, test
35- buttress
projecting support of wall or building; support; prop
36- disparaging
depreciating, lessening in rank
37- solicitous
care, attention, concern; full of anxious desire, eagerness, apprehension
38- disheveled
disarranged; untidy; tousled; rumpled
39- dissemble
to disguise; to pretend; to simulate
40- soiree
evening party; gathering
51- squalid
mean, poor, dirty
52- edict
public notice issued by official authority
53- edification
improvement or instruction
54- staid
dignified, sober, sedate
55- scathing
injurious, cutting, withering
56- diatribe
prolonged discussion, abusives speech
57- dimiutive
a shortening, an abbreviation
58- dillatory
delaying, tardy, slow in doing things
59- diffident
unduly timid; shy
60- reticent
inclined to remain silent, uncommunicative
66- malign
to speak evil of; to defame; to slander
67- writhe
to make twisting or turning movements; contort the body as in agony; squirm
68- desideratum
something wanted or needed, a desire
69- desuetude
state of disuse, uselessness
70- parochialism
harrowness of interest, pertaining to a particular community