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Genus of Rattlesnakes (2)
- Crotalus spp.
- Sistrurus spp.
Genus of Copperheads
Agkistrodon spp.
Genus of Coral Snakes (2)
- Micrurus spp.
- Microuroides spp.
What does the neurotoxin in some snakes cause?
Ascending paralysis
Genus of Gila Monster
Heloderma spp.
CS of Gila Monster bite
Pain and swelling that progresses toward body
Genus of the Toads
Bufo spp.
TA of toads
Bufenolides (cardio active glycosides)
Most common sign of toad intoxication
Excessive salivation
Two organ systems affected by toad TAs
- Heart
Genus of tarantulas
Eurytelenna spp.
Worst problem associated with Eurytelenna spp.
Painful bite
Genus of Black Widows
Latrodectus spp.
MoA of Latrodectus spp. venom
Massive release of neurotransmitters
What does Latrodectus spp. venom cause in humans?
Ascending paralysis
Bite of Latrodectus spp.
Numbing, painful bite
Cause of death with Latrodectus spp. venom
CV collapse
Which species is a Latrodectus spp. bite rarely fatal?
Which species is extremely sensitive to Latrodectus spp. venom?
Tx of Latrodectus spp. venom (4)
- Antivenom
- Robaxin
- Na Dantrolene
- 10% Ca Gluconate
Genus of the Brown Recluse spider
Loxoscles spp.
What kind of bite does Loxoscles spp. have?
What spider genus causes a non-healing wound?
Loxoscles spp.
What occurs at the site of the bite of Loxoscles spp.?
Tx of Loxoscles spp. (3)
- Dapsone
- SQ Dextrose at wound site
- Surgical excision
Genus of Scorpions
Centruroides spp.
What kind of toxin does Centruroides spp. have?
CS of Centruroides spp. (4)
- CV Collapse
- Respiratory paralysis
- Muscle fasciculations
- Death
Tx of Centruroides spp.
Propranolol to prevent CV collapse
What's CI in Centruroides spp. treatment?
What is Epinephrine contraindicated in the treatment of?
Centruroides spp. toxin
When are butterflies toxic?
When they feed on toxic plants as caterpillars