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1. inchoate
recently begun; rudimentary; elementary
2. incidental
not essential; minor
3. incipient
beginning; in an early stage
4. incisive
cutting; sharp
5. incite
arouse to action; goad; motivate; induce to exist
6. inclusive
tending to include all
7. incoherence
unintelligibility; lack of logic or relevance
8. incongruous
not fitting; absurd
9. inconsequential
insignificant; unimportant
10. incontinent
lacking self-restraint
11. incontrovertible
indisputable; not open to question
12. incorrigible
not correctable
13. incredulous
withholding belief; skeptical
14. inculcate
teach; instill
15. incursion
temporary invasion
16. indefatigable
17. indelible
not able to be erased
18. indict
19. indifferent
unmoved or unconcerned by
20. indigenous
21. indiscriminate
choosing at random; confused
22. indissoluble
23. indolent
24. indomitable
unconquerable; unyielding
25. indubitable
unable to be doubled; unquestionable
26. induce
persuade; bring about
27. ineffable
unutterable; cannot be expressed in speech
28. inert
inactive; lacking power to move
29. inexorable
relentless; unyielding
30. ingenious
clever; resourceful