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my suitcase
ma valise
your suitcase (s)
ta valise
his suitcase / her suitcase
sa valise
our suitcase
notre valise
your suitcase (pl)
votre valise
their suitcase
leur valise
my gift
mon cadeau
your gift (s)
ton cadeau
his gift / her gift
son cadeau
our gift
notre cadeau
your gift (pl)
votre cadeau
their gift
leur cadeau
your name (pl)
votre nom
my male friend
mon ami
my sister
ma soeur
my brother
mon frère
his wife
sa femme
her husband
son mari
his car / her car
sa voiture
my suitcases
mes valises
your suitcases (s)
tes valises
his suitcases / her suitcases
ses valises
our suitcases
nos valises
your suitcases (pl)
vos valises
their suitcases
leurs valises