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Which Constitutional Amendment gave women the right to vote?
19th Amendment (1920)
What was the 1876 election deal?
If General Rutherford B. Hayes President, promised three deals would be done.
What court case stopped white's only primaries?
Smith v. Allwright (1944)
What court case integrated schools?
Brown v. Board (1954)
What is crossover voting?
The voter seeks the best candidate regardless of party
What is raiding voting?
The voter seeks the worst candidate easiest for home party candidate to beat
What is a party caucus?
Each parties state legislatures chose the nominee.
What is a party convention?
Voter's attend a party convention and by majority chose the nominee.
What is a direct primary election?
Voters vote at poles via majority vote.
Which state allows you register to vote via mail?
Texas (low turnout)
which state(s) allow you to register on election day?
Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Oregon (high turnout)
Which state(s) has the gov. aggressively seek out the non-registered and have them register to vote?
Idaho (high turnout)
Which state(s) doesn't require voter registration?
North Dakota (high turnout)
What is absentee voting?
Basically called "no fault" absentee (early) voting in Texas. Allowed on 17th to 4th day before election.
How do you get to vote via mail?
Can send ballot by mail 60 days or later as long as it's received by 7 pm on election day.
What is a Major Political Party?
A party's candidate for governer recieves 20% of the votes in the last election.
McCain-Feingold 2002
Soft money banned, $2k hard money per candidate, PAC can donate $5k per year
By what majority would you need to propose and ratify the U.S. Constitution?
Propose = 2/3 house/senate or 2/3(33) of the state legislatures

Ratify= 3/4(38) of state legislatures or 3/4(38) state convention
By what majority do you need to propose and ratify the Texas Constitution?
Propose= 2/3 in House (100) and Senate (21)

Ratify= simple majority of voter turnout
How many amendments does the U.S. Constitution have?
How many amendments does the Texas Constitution have?
What's wrong with the U.S. Constitution?
Too long, too detailed, poorly written, too restrictive, fragmentation, and poor court system.
Where can you find proposed amendments?
The Analyses of Proposed Constitutional Amendments
What is a unitary government?
Top governmental powers have power
What is a confederation government?
Bottom governmental powers have power
When did Texas become annexed?
Where does the word "Texas" come from?
From the Hasinai Indian word "tejas," meaning friends or allies.
What was the Help America Vote Act(2002)?
It allows those who forgot their registration to vote under certain terms.
When is the general election?
1st tuesday after the 1st Monday in November.
What's wrong with the current Finance system?
Skyrocketing costs, demeaning distraction to public, degenerating quality of public debate, and public participation plummets.