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What is Max Weber's Theory?
-all minds, hearts, and social action live under authority
Definition of Authority
-someone or something that has the right (or takes the right) to govern or control our lives
How did Max Weber see NYC?
-as a combination of materialism and idealism that restlessly combined with and contricted each other in individual hearts and cultural panoplies
What were 3 Religious conflicts in NYC?
-dutch reformed oppression of other religions
-great school wars between protestants and catholics
-protestant-catholic political-moral wars
What was the largest religious gathering in NYC?
-billy grahams central park gathering (1991)
What were 3 reorientations of catholicism in NYC?
-vast irish population gave new york catholicism an irish lilt that offended italians who were arriving
-the churches adjustment to the italians laid way for todays roman catholic immigrants, most who are from spanish speaking countries
-parish leaders now have the ability to conduct religious services in multiple languages
What are the 3 identities that Robert Carle tried to rebound the protestant decline with?
What was the major turning point in prompting the rebound of protestantism after its decline?
-post-Civil rights generation
What is the reason why NYC has not always been a site of massive conversions and religious switching?
-there is an overlap of deeply held ethnic identities and religious affiliation
What percentage of NYC is immigrant?
-more then 1/3
True or False: Representatives of NYC religions are very similar to the representatives of the religion in the nation they came from.
What is the largest religious domination in NYC?
-roman catholicism
What was Karl Marx's theory of religion?
- narcotic that numbs the pain of poor people at the expense of blinding them to the sources of their oppression, capitalism
What is a reason that there are so many different versions of each religion in NYC?
-New Yorkers of all classes and religions feel oppressed. Different religions try to draw them by telling them what they want to hear.
What is the reason that there are gender conflicts within religions?
-the prevalence of american egalitarianism
What are 4 problems with studying religious identification and various data sources regarding affiliation?
-the restrictions on asking people about their religious affiliation
-the unclear definition of religion
-the inconsistency of peoples' religious identity
-the changing pattern of immigration and the religious composition of new immigrants
What is the underlying problem with studying religious identification and various data sources regarding affiliation?
-lack of data
Who was new york discovered by?
-Henry Hudson of England
Who was new york city founded by?
-The dutch
What is the significance of the Dutch?
-they only cared about making money
True or False: There are more languages spoken in NYC then any place in the world.
True or False: by the end of the 19th century, New York was settling down and slowly expanding.
What are 2 commodities that the Dutch relied on?
How many years did the dutch arrive after hudson?
-15 years
What was the company that owned new york when the dutch took control?
-Dutch West India Company
True or False: Most of the first colonists were not dutch; they were french speaking belguns.
What was the price that the Dutch bought Manhattan for?
What was the first name of New York when the dutch owned it?
-New Amsterdam
What was the commodity that the dutch profitted off of?
-Beaver skins
What was the event that prompted the city to grow very currupt under dutch rule?
-when the dutch killed the indians
Who was Peter Stybisun?
-the dutchmen who had strict orders to clean up new amsterdam (ran it like a dictator).... he fixed the
city and helped develope it
How did Peter Stybisun nullify the worker shortage?
he let in almost anybody to work; however, he feared that New york would become too diverse to rule
Why did many jews come to new york in 1654?
-they tried to make their way away from the spanish inquisition; however sybisuns plead to keep them out and was rejected
What marked the first seperation between church and state?
-when the first rashashana took place in New Ampsterdam
What were 2 reasons that new york did not stay dutch for long?
-they were surrounded by the british
-new york was too diverse
What was the reaction of stybisun to the british presence?
-her surrendered new ampsterdam
Where did stybisun retire?
-in future grenage village
What was the reason that the english renamed new ampsterdam?
-in honor of the english duke of york
How did the british deal with native americans?
-the aggressively destroyed them
What was the british name for brooklyn?
What was the british name for statin island?
-richards island
What trading route did new york become a part of?
-the triangle trade route
Who build wall street and how?
-african americans built it with profits from slavery
True or False: Slavery did not exist in new york.
-False: in 1741, there was a series of mysterious fires all over the city (slave rebellion)
True or False: many mideval tortures were reinvented to punish the slaves
What was the immigrant, alexander hamilton's intent in comming to new york?
-he tried to convince new yorkers to break away from england
True or False: 80% of mahattan fled at the start of the revolution.
True or False: the british landing at manhattan was the largest landing in british history next to normandy.
Where was the Declaration of Independence first read aloud?
Where was the largest british military garrison in the empire during the revolution?
What is the main reason why when we think of american history, we do not think of new york?
-it was burned down by the british
Where was the first capital of the united states?
-New York
What deal did hamilton and jefferson make?
-they made a deal to move the capital to washington if hamilton could bring business in to incurr the national debt
What began the new york stock exchange?
-the spur of new businesses
Why did Washington Irving write a fictional book on the history of NYC?
-to compete with european cities
Who was Dwight Clinton
-famous mayor of NYC who finished laying the foundation to the modern city... created the grid of manhattan by plowing it... he also created the erie canal
How clinton raise the money to build the erie canal?
-he used public funds to attract private investors
How did the erie canal partially pay for itself?
-clinton kept it partially open until it was fully completed