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assessment of the other person’s behavior and evaluating the extent to which that behavior provides justification for terminating the relationship
Intra-psychic phase
partners discuss the perceived problems associated with the relationship (Should the relationship be repaired, redefined or dissolved?)
Dyadic phase
partners tell everyone that the relationship is being dissolved
Social phase
partners physically, psychologically and socially end the relationship.
1. Partners try to “make sense” of the dissolution.
2. Develop and account or story of break up
3. Self-enhancement strategies
Grave-dressing phase
need more time with you
time jealousy
i am threatened by the new person
person jealousy
i feel excluded from things with you
opportunity jealousy
attempt by one person to predict and state what the other person is feeling or thinking, how s/he will react, what s/he will accept or reject, what his/her motivations are
one person approaches the other about a relationship problem, the approached person feels pressure or threatened and thus withdraws from the interaction
approach-withdraw pattern