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The Long Parliament
The Parliament controlled by Puritans that effectively limited Charles' power.
The Petition of Right
A petition forced by Parliament to limit King Charles' power
Supporters of Parliament and the Puritans during the English Civil War
Rump Parliament
This was the term for Parliament once the Puritans' opposition was removed
The group that emerged in Rump Parliament to support the King
A group of dissenters within the Church of England who wanted to purge the church of all things Catholic
Parliament resented James I mainly for these three reasons:
1. Belief in Divine Right
2. Spending too much $
3. Foreign Policy
The Short Parliament
The session of Parliament called in an effort to raise $ for war in 1640 - lasted only 3 weeks because they could not cooperate with Charles
martial law
A period of military rule in which individual rights are restricted
Supporters of the king during the English Civil War
A state governed by the people or elected representatives. (England became one following Charles' execution)