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Name a work by Rachmaninov.
Prelude in G Minor, op.23
Name a work by Satie.
Embryons desséchés, No. 3, de Podophthalma
Name a work by Scriabin.
Vers la flamme, op. 72
In what way was Rachmaninov conservative?
He was conservative with harmony and tonality.
What did Rachmaninov cultivate?
He cultivated the distinct late romantic voice.
In what way was Rachmaninov an innovator?
He was an innovator in terms of piano textures.
Year of Prelude in G minor, op. 23?
Form of G minor prelude?
ABA Coda
Form of 'A' section of Prelude in G minor?
AABA song form.
Describe the themes of Prelude in G Minor, Op. 23.
Theme A: March
Theme B: lyrical, typically romantic.
What was Scriabin an innovator in?
An innovator in harmonic and tonal organisation.
What was used as a tonic point in Scriabin's music?
Dissonant chords.
What does Vers La Flamme contain?
A referential chord.
Describe the themes of Vers La Flamme.
Theme A: two melodies in counterpoint in RH
Theme B: one melody + minor/major 3rds in RH