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Debra Butterfield
-Assemblage horses
-Driftwood, scrap metal, etc.
Louise Nevelson
-Assemblage of various wooden things found in NYC and arranged in wooden boxes
-All one color (most are white, black or gold)
-Compiled boxes to make one big sculpture to sell for more
-Titles: The Bride
Escobar Marisol
-portraits of famous people
-self portrais
-made of blocks of wood
-examples: party, president holding wife, self portraits
Sandy Skoglund
- installation
-opening day has real people
-Titles: Radioactive Cats, The Green House, Maybe Babies, Fox Games
Nancy (&Ed) Keinholz
-Wax people
-3d sculpture with 2d heads
-Titles: My Past Affixed Also, State Hospital