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Guell Estate
Gaudi, 1885-89
Park Guell
Gaudi, 1900-(1914)
Casa Batlo
Gaudi, 1905-07
Casa Mila
Gaudi, 1905-1910
Maison Tassel
Victor Horta, 1890s
= The 1st differentiation from ordinary, symmetrical buildings in urban centers of the time
= expresses new modes of living, new concern for showing off wealth and culture
= Curved & Light structure
= Facade:
- Symmetrical
- Metal Shown on exterior
= Questions about decoration...simple & truthful...go against decoration (?)
= Doesn't paint walls, lets material express decor
- metal staircase, mosaic, wallpaper
= only as much material as needed to support structure
= technology becomes part of how architecture provides solutions
Maison Solvay
victor Horta, 1895-1900
Hotel Eetvelde
Victor Horta, 1893
Horta House
Victor Horta, 1898-1900
L'Innovation Department Store
Victor Horta, 1901
La Maison du Peuple
Victor Horta, 1898-99