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state the purpose of the T700-ge-401C engine components:
cold section module
compressor compresses air sends to combustion section
hot section module
combines fuel & air mixture
power turbine module
2 stage - gas generator
power turbine
accessory section module
houses starter, fuel pump, & chip detector
engine control quadrant
inside cockpit pilot selects
engine output shaft
connects to main txmsn section
state the purpose of the APU:
internal power to start engines, ecs, and provides emergency power
easy access dipstick
state the purpose of the tail drive shaft
transmits power to the tail rotor
state the purpose of the following transmission system components:
main module
tranmits power to the rotor head
input module
changes angle, reduces rpm, houses accessory module
accessory module
reduces rpm from input module, houses generator & hyd pump
intermediate gearbox
reduces rpm, changes angle
tail gearbox
reduces rpm, changes direction to drive tail rotor
state the purpose of the following fuel cell components:
main fuel cells
2 cells
590 gallons
4,012 lbs JP-5
aux fuel tank
120 gallons
816 lbs jp-5
HIFR system
ship to a/c re-fueling
wiggins & nato hc
state the safety precautions that must be observed when the following are operating:
intake suction
exhuast heat