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the narrator of the story who tells how he grew up in Afghanistan and the sins he had committed against his friend and half-brother, Hassan
Amir’s best friend and as Amir later learns, his half-brother; faced discrimination every day, because he is a Hazara, a minority whom the Pashtuns treat like slaves; raped by Assef while Amir does nothing to help him; forgives Amir; loves Amir so much
Amir and Hassan’s father; keeps the secret that Hassan is Amir’s half-brother hidden; a man tormented by his secrets; dies in America; a good man who finds a way to be good again
character is that of a loyal servant to Baba and a father figure to both Hassan and Amir; suffers humiliation at the hands of Pashtun boys like Assef, but he never bends his will to them and continues to be a figure of goodness
Hassan’s son and the boy for whom Amir faces the Taliban to free; raped by Assef and later betrayed by Amir; tries to commit suicide after Amir breaks his promise not to put him in an orphanage
Amir’s wife; suffers from mistakes she made as a young woman, but accepts her humiliation for running away with a man and becomes a good, decent human being; denied motherhood; Sohrab becomes her son and she and Amir finally have a complete family
Rahim Kahn
Baba’s best friend and business partner and was a major part of Amir and Hassan’s life; understands Amir’s desperate need for his father’s approval and tries to fill the gap Baba leaves in their relationship; knows all along how Amir betrayed Hassan and is the one to call him and tell him there is still time to be good; sets into the motion the plan to get Sohrab out of Afghanistan; knows that this is the only way to make up for never telling Amir and Hassan that they were brothers; finds a way to be good; goes away to die alone, knowing that calling Amir back to his homeland was the right thing to do
: the villain of the story, a Pashtun boy who bullies Amir and Hassan and tries to humiliate Ali; has a sociopathic nature even as a boy and admires Hitler for what he had done in eliminating the Jews; wants to emulate this evil German by destroying all the
never forgets a slight from anyone and plots revenge; becomes a Talib when the Taliban takes over Afghanistan and uses his power to kill innocent Afghans, especially Hazaras; kills Hassan when he won’t give up his home and he tries to kill Amir