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~leader of Pamunkey people, created Indian confederacy of tribes
~Site in Virginia founded by Virginia Company, where early settlers first lived, though many died of Malaria that raged due to the swampy surroundings
~Bay settled by English, most settlers starved because they were unprepared for the conditions and work required to survive; tobacco became main crop and need for more land to plant on led to tension between settlers and local N. Am’s
Captain John Smith
~Early settler in Chesapeake, commanded order of settlers for a short period but was forced to return to England after being injured by accidental powder explosion
~Powahatan’s favorite child who married John Rolf
John Rolfe
~English settler determined to find a crop for export to England (Tobacco), married Pocahontas
~System where the gov. controls and oversees all industry and commerce in hopes of achieving a healthy import/ export balance and economic stability
Virginia Company
~Founded Jamestown, hoped to use American resources for English profit, first attempts failed, resulting in immigrant death and a loss of profit
Headright system
~System of the Virginia Company that granted plots of land to any willing to immigrate to N. America
House of Burgesses
~Representative assembly founded in 1619 that created laws/ governed the colonies after martial law was abolished
Indentured servants
~Servants who bound themselves to work for 7 years after immigrating to N. America, were promised land and a prosperous life after their term ended, but only 60% lived out their 7 years, due to harsh working conditions: malnutrition, overwork, abuse, and disease
Proprietary colonies
~Colonies given to wealthy subjects loyal to English Monarchs, they assumed authority over law, religion, and economy in their colony
Royal colonies
~Colonies governed by royal representatives, despised proprietary colonies like Maryland for taking land they wanted and for allowing religious freedom (Catholics)
~Family that was granted Maryland by King, appointed governor and assumed a largely representative gov., allowed religious freedom because the family was Catholic
Navigation Acts
~Instituted by English gov. under Oliver Cromwell, 3 acts instituted English monopoly on N. Am products, required all exports be shipped through English ports, and introduced duties on all exports and officials to enforce the acts in N. Am
Bacon’s Rebellion
~Bacon fought for rights of poorer planters after being shunned by wealthy planters, resulted in destruction of many plantations and eventually the burning of Jamestown
Coode’s Rebellion
~Struggle of Coode and planters in Maryland to gain power in the gov., their army captured the governor, went to English rulers to gain sympathy and had the Calvert’s charter revoked; more representative gov. formed in their place
Middle passage
~Route from Africa to the Americas traveled by millions of African slaves, most of which died at sea due to unlivable conditions
~Wealthy English merchants who came to America to establish their family’s investment with large plantations and many slaves
James Oglethorpe
~Founder of Georgia, wanted a place for the poor/debtors, promised land and jobs in his ideal Utopian society; controlled Georgia for 21 years before it returned to royal control
Mission communities
~Created by Spanish where N. Am’s lived with Franciscan’s and were introduced to colonial culture and Christianity; failed when N. Am’s revolted against their intended purpose of serving spanish masters
1680 Pueblo Revolt
~N. Am’s revolted in N. Mexico against Spanish control , killing 400 and burning down numerous homes and churches