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What are organelles?
Organelles are parts of a cell.
What are two types of passive transport?
Diffusion and osmosis
What is diffusion?
When materials move from high concentrations to low concentrations.
What is osmosis?
When water moves from high concentrations to low concentrations.
What are two forms of active transport?
Endocytosis and exocytosis
What is a vacuole?
Stores waste, water, or food.

Remember vac and sack rhyme--you hold things in a sack.
What is active transport?
When the cell spends energy to bring materials inside the cell.
What is endocytosis?
The process by which a cell takes in a substance by surrounding it with the cell membrane?
What is a cell wall?
Appears only in plant cells. Gives the cell support and structure.
What is exocytosis?
The process by which a cell gets rid of substances from the cell?
What is homeostasis?
The ability for organisms to keep conditions inside the body the same.
What is a cell membrane?
Appears in both animal and plant cells. Protects the cell and selectively allow things to enter and exit the cell.
What are mitochondria?
Organelles that make energy for the cell. The generator.

Remember mighty mitochondria.
What is a chloroplast?
Organelle that is involved in photosynthesis in plant cells. It creates the food for the cell.
What is the nucleus?
The nucleus is the control center of the cell. The main office.
What are lysosomes?
The lysosomes clean up the cell. They contain digestive chemicals that break down food and dead material in the cell. The custodians. Remeber custodians use Lysol to clean.
What are the Golgi bodies?
They are like the mail room. They package and sort things to be sent other places in the cell. Picture Mr. G in the mailroom sorting mail.
What is endoplasmic reticulum?
It is like the hallways in a school. It transports stuff. Ribosomes are attached to the rough er.
What is selective permeability?
The cell membrane is selectively permeable. It allows some things to enter & exit the cell and does not allow other things to enter.
What types of moecules easily enter and exit the cells?
Water, oxygen, carbon dioxide.
What kind of molecules are too big to diffuse through the cell?
sugar molecules
Fill in the blank:

All living things are made of _________________.
Fill in the blanks:

All living things come from _______ _________ _________
other living things
Fill in the blanks:

The cell is the __________ ___________ of life.
building block
What are three ways that plant cells are different from animal cells?
They have a cell wall, they have chloroplasts, and they have a larger vacuole.