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According to SO 04-04 field supervisors are charged with the responsibility for reviewing a TRR completed by members to ensure its________and __________.
Completness and Accuracy.
As a field supervisor responsible for reviewing a TRR the yes or no response to the question of Did the subject assault the officer? determines whether___________
An OBR Officers Battery Report is required.
When a memberis completing a TRR and the offender is in custody, under what circumstances can a tracking number be used in lieu of the CB Number?
A CB number cannot be created.
During the completion of a TRR report, if a subject refuses to give his name, age, etc... what will the lockup keeper or those using the automated arrest must do on the report?
Check the Demographics Refused Box.
The _____is charged with the responsibility for entering the offenders statement in the TRR?
Watch Commander / ADS.
Supervisors will ensure that the involved member completes all information on the _______.
Involved member . case / subject information page.
If an officer comes to you and tells you he cannont access the TRR Clear system application, you should instruct the officer to contact?
The help desk
Who has the authority to delete a TRR if they feel there were no grounds to generate one?
Watch commander / ADS
In the event a TRR must be prepared but the watch commander has determined that a CLEAR TRR unavailability has occurred that has affected his facility he will____
if feasible allow one hour for the information services division to make an application available.
A RD Number will be entered on the Involved member case subject information page or a TRR unless?
The incident involved the destruction of an animal.
Who has the authority to allow the use of paper TRR forms when the CLEAR system is down?
Watch commander of the affected facility.
What report takes precedence over a Use of force guidline or a Officers Battery report?
a TRR report.
A sex offender has__ days after establishing residency to register in person with local law enforcement.
10 days
Any person convicted of a sex offense is required to register as a sex offender and is required by law to re-register every year in person for a period of ________from conviction or release from a penal institution?
10 years.
A sex offender is required to report a change of address within ____days and then report withing____days of establishing the new residence.
10 days / 10 days.
The__________-has the responsibility for providing the dept a quarterly listing of all schools and child care facilities eligible to receive community notifications or reg. sex offenders?
Illinois state police.
Joe walks into the station and tells you that he just moved 45 days ago and wants to register as he is a sex offender. You advise the PO to?
Arrest joe, prepare a case report, and notify detective division.
When a dept member stops a subject that is a registered sex offender the subject will be taken into custody provided the last contact date listed in the SIR file is at least more than______
1 year and two weeks
It is the responsibility of the community policing sgt. to provide a copy of the sex offender listing to all of the following institutions except?
Public Schools
Jimmy is fifteen years old and was convicted of agg crim sex ass in adult criminal court. Upon Jimmys release he is?
REquired to comply with the sex off reg act and register.
One of your officers has discovered a trap on an auto after affecting the arrest of the driver. What would you tell your officer to do now?
Do not open the trap. Complete a vehicle tow report. notify Organized crime division.
The ___ ___ will ensure that each arrestees identity has been established by sufficient personal identification and that he is not wanted for another offense prior to completing the I bond.
Desk Sgt.
Whenever a person charged with a non felony cannot post bond the ____will as soon as possible authorize the release of such person by a _____?
Watch commander / I bond.
In lieu of other bail a Transit employee may use His_____
Memorandum Card.
A felony conviction for kidnapping statute could be considered a sex offense when the victim is a person__ years of age and the crime occurred on or after jan 1 1996 and the defendant is not a parent of the victim.
Under 18 years of age.
In order to seize a vehicle the offender must possess more than___grams of cannabis and the offender must have been convicted__times making this a felony
10 /2
Who is responsible for the safe keeping of the registered envelopes and are ready for pick up by police document services.
Desk sgt.
When an offficer has made a request for a tow what should you instruct him to do with the keys to the vehicle?
Instruct him to attach the keys to the tow report in all seizure cases.
Would causing damage of 200.00 or less to property aggravate the charge of fleeing and eluding the police?
It is the neighborhood relations sgt's responsibility to provide a copy of a sex offender listing to all of the following institutions except?
Public schools.
Who should an officer notify when he takes a report of stolen vehicle containing hazerdous materials?
The appropriate Robbery, Burglary, Theft Unit.
If a person was stopped by a police impersonator but fled before a crime was committed, should the Office of Professional Standards be notified?
A juvenile 15 years of age is stopped by one of your officers at 0300Hrs. The officer asks you for advice. What report should the officer complete?
Chicago Curfew Violation.
Who is responsible for providing a copy of the sex offender listing to the principal or other appropriate officer of each non public school and manager of each childcare facility within the district?
Neighborhood relations sgt.
The dept members assigned to processing persons in accordance with the sex offender registration act will be available to register sex offenders complying with the act on the ____watch mon thru friday.
2nd watch ( why do we need to know this?)
A citizen calls complaining about noise at a construction site at 0645 hrs. Unless otherwise stated in the permit, the construction has to stop until after____AM
What is not an exepmted act of the noise and vibration control act?
Sounds generated between 7 and 9 pm in construction demolition or repoair work.
An officer responds to a lound block party by neighbors. The block captain shows a valid block party permit. What should you tell the officer to do?
Explain to neighbors there is nothing to be done because the block party organizer has a permit.
Time restrictions on sound on th public way on a residential street except for emergency street repairs are between___and ____.
9pm and 8am.
Loading or unloading boxes crates containers in such a manner to cause a noise disturbance at a residential lot boundary or sensitive zone is prohibited between the hours of ______
2000 and 0700.
One of your cars is assigned to a noise disturbance where emergency crews are repaining a collapsed building at 2230 Hrs. Neighbors have complained and want the noise to cease. What would you instruct the officer to do?
Instruct the officer to let the construction crew to continue working and explain to the neighbor its an emergency circumstance.
A traffic violator stopped for sound device restrictions when the sound generated by the device was clearly audible to aperson with normal hearing at a distance greater than 75 feet shall be subject to ______and also___.
A fine if convicted / seizure and impoundment of the vehicle.
No person shall play, use , operate any radio, tape recorder, cassette player on the public way if the sound generated by the device is clearly audible to a person with normal hearing at a distance greater than____.
75 feet.
You observe two brothers ages 15 and 16 outside at 2330 hrs standing in front of thier neighbors home. What action should be taken?
None. The boys are on a sidewalk abutting next door neighbor and no complaints have been received.
Any parent or legal guardian or other adult having the legal care of a minor who violates curfew ordinance shall be absolutely liable and fined___________.
NOt less than 25 nor more than 500.00.
Billy, an unemancipated minor had spray painted a public park property committing vandalism. The CPD has how many days to notify a legal guardian in writing of said vandalism for possible financial restitution dor damage?
Three days.
When a crowd becomes so unruly that it cannot be contained by other police methods and the crowd is likely to cause personal injury or property damage, who can authorize the use of canine teams?
A sworn member of exempt rank.
Who is responsible for receiving narcotics from a district or units narcotic safe and transporting them to forensic services for further processing?
Document Services Section.
Your tact team has made a stop on a subject who is unemployed but has a large sum of money on his person. He has been arrested for narcotics before. What would you instruct your tact team to do?
Relocate into the station summon a canine unit and have the officer who requested the canine search present for when the money line up is performed.
An off duy officer made a narcotics arrest in front of his home. He has had a suspicion that there are more narcotics in the arrestees vehicle. You order a canine unit but he refuses to search the car without a warrant. What should you do as a supervisor?
Confer with canine supervisor relative to the legality of the search.
If a parent relinquishes an infant at a police station and leaves without receiving notice where the infant will be taken, the parent must return within ____to receive information on the infant?
72 Hours.
Canine Teams policy prohibits the use of an explosives sniffing canine unit to verify the existence of an explosive substance after a package has been located with the exception of packages found_____.
On airport property.
If a woman enters the police station with a baby claiming that she just cannont care for the infant, what should the desk officer not do?
Instruct the mother that her relinquishment is final and that she can never regain custody of the baby if she surrenders custody.
If a mother comes into a gas station and wishes to relinquish her infant and there are no signs of abuse or neglect then you should instruct your officer to_______?
Request CFD transport for the mother and infant to the nearest hospital where the mother can properly hand over the custody of the infant.
The Desk Sgt. receiving a relinquished infant at a police facility will ensure immediate notifications are made to which of the following?
Watch Commander, Missing persons section, and the office of the superintendent.
Who is responsible for preparing the IPP for a behavioral intervention?
Watch Commander
One of the behavioral performance indicators that can lead to a PO being recommended for placement in the Behavioral Intervention System is____or documented occurrences of tardiness within a _____month period?
5 or more / 12 month
A department member was placed in the behavioral intervention system after receiving 3 not sustained excessive force complaints with 12 months. The member believes he has been improperly placed into the behavioral intervention system. Under these circumstances the member may address the matter by submitting a report through channels requesting a meeting with_______provided the officer has completed_______.
Commander of the personnel division. / Both parts of the mandatory physical examination.
Behavioral Intervention system the unit time keeper will inform the exempt commanding officer when a member's non IOD medical use totals_____ incidents during a 12 month period?
5 or more.
Who is responsible for ensuring that the towed vehicle disposition form is completed within ten days and forwarded to the automotive pound section headquarters?
Investigating unit supervisor.
While working a s the desk sgt. in the 26th one of the officers brings in a probationer from the gang intervention probation program. The subject was arrested on local charges and violation of conditions of probation. You will_______.
Not give an I bond on local charges even if eligible. Send probationer to Central bond court for the violation of probation, and setting bond of local charges.
A person commits disorderly conduct when he knowingly pickets or demonstates on a public way within_____feet of any primary or secondary school.
150 feet.
When a case report is completed for a Gang intervention probation violation arrest the offense code IUCR will be?
Your beat car stops four people on the corner. One in gang intervention probationer program but the other three are clear and not gang members. You should instruct your officer to?
Prepare contact cards and let them go.
The gang intervention database contains such information as the probationers name, address, dob, probation case number, etc..However, the database does not contain which of the following?
Number of years affiliated with the gang.
According to department directives, after the commanding officer of the court sections makes available the current gang intervention conditions listing to districts, the ______will then make it available to members under their command.
Tactical Lt. and Watch Commander.
A member under your supervison is making an arrest for violating the gang activity condition of his probation. He clearly has the grounds to make the arrest but he is uncertain about the primary and secondary classifications. Which of the below listed listed answers is most correct?
Other criminal offense. / Violation of probation.
According to department policy, whenever an arrest is made for the violation of the gang intervention proabation program, the arresting officer will fax the arrest package to______.
Court liasion section. Attention Commanding officer.
A gang intervention probationer is in violation of the curfew condition of their probation if they are out during____to _____hours unless otherwise stated in the order of sentence of probation.
1900 0700
If joe goes on the green line tracks at night what is the most appropriate MCC charge.
Trespassing on elevated track.
A construction site with a large hole is surrounded with a bright orange five foot plastic fence. What should the construction foreman be charged with?
The foreman is in violation of the MCC because the excavation must be enclosed with wire or wooden fences no less than six feet high.