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Who can waive the Order of Protection provisions?
A juvenile is arrested for a battery to a PO and while in the district detention area he becomes extremely violent and very disruptive. Who is responsible for evaluating the circumstances and if appropriate, directing the juvenile be placed into secure custody?
Watch commander
Officer Thomas has just been informed that the investigator assigned to handle his juvenile arrest is going to be an hour late. Officer Thomas has completed the processing of the juvenile arrest and his tour of duty will end in 15 minutes. In these circumstances the juvenile may be left in the care of the __________?
Desk Sgt.
What type of case report should a preliminary investigating officer complete if the dependent status has resulted from a lockout?
OIC / Neglect
Which of the following should the preliminary investigating officer not do in a child abuse or neglect incident? Notify area SVU ? Notify OEC Supervisor? Notify Victims teacher?
Notify victims teacher.
Bt. 1313 is assigned to a domestic disturbance on their beat. Upon arrival Bt. 1313 discovers that the domestic disturbance involves a police officer and his wife. According to GO Bt. 1313 should notify:
A supervisor from the district of occurrance who is of higher rank than the member involved in the domestic disturbance.
The ________will ensure that the arresting officer is notified when charges are upgraded and there is no change in the Arresting Officers desired court date box on the arrest report.
Desk Sgt.
Department policy requires mandatory arrest for two offenses_______and _______.
Violation of Order of Protection and / Violation of Bail Bond.
Joe is arrested for traffic. A name check reveals Joe has not been notified that he has a valid Order of Protection against him. The arresting officer will?
Inform Joe and prepare a non-criminal case report.
When presented with 2 separate Orders of Protection that appear to be in conflict, which order takes precedence?
The Order issued first (if not expired)
A woman filed an Order of protection against Kent while they were living in Kansas. Last year she moved to chicago and this year kent showed up at her door begging her to come back to smallville. She calls the police and shows them her Kansas Order which is still in effect. The police should?
Arrest the man because there shall be a presumption of validity when an order is certified and appears authentic on its face.
Two years ago fearing for her life MJ filed for an Order of Protection along with her divorce proceedings against PP and the divorce is still pending. PP comes over to MJs home asking her to reconcile and discontinue the divorce proceedings. MJ calls the police and they arrive before PP leaves. Peter can be charged with?
Violation Order of Protection becuase it was issued in conjunction with a civil case which may still be in effect until the final judgement.
If a respondent violates an Order of Protection and commits a battery on the petitioner during the process, what type of case report should be filed?
Battery / Simple
According to Legal Bulletin Narotics Related Loitering how many individuals need to be present for a dispersal order?
One or more.
As stated in Legal Bulletin Narcotics related Loitering any behavior has_______or ______ of facillitating the distribution of narcotics will qualify as narcotics related loitering.
Purpose and effect.
Department members should refrain from physically removing a child from a parent or guardian who resists relinquishing custody of a child unless?
The childs health or safety is endangered.
In order to reclaim a vehicle pursuant to a court order releasing a vehicle, the owner or authorizied agent must produce the court order which identifies all except which of the following: VIN number, License plate number, Vehicle model and make?
License plate number.
Who is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle tow report is in the EAR basket prior to releasing the vehicle?
Desk Sgt.
A motor vehicle will be impounded for at least_____hours, when a driver is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both.
6 hours.
Who will telephone the Office of the Deputy Superintendent, Bureau of Patrol, to report the number of violations notice citations issued for overnight parking violators during the previous first watch?
Desk Sgt.
Who has responsibility of making sure the tow truck driver retrieves the vehicle tow report, signs the report, and leaves the Department copy pink at the district desk?
Desk sgt.
Upon verification of a gone on arrival and no case report applies, the assigned member will prepare a _______report and attach it to the district copy of the vehicle tow report and notify the OEMC dispatcher to cancel the tow request.
Miscellaneous Incident exception report.
PO Willis is assigned to a uniformed beat car. P.O. Willis is subpoenaed to appear for a duty related judicial proceeding but is not the arresting officer. P.O. Willis can wear all of the following except?
Casual attire.
Who has the responsibility and authority to ensure that all uniform standards are maintained?
All supervisors.
When a member makes an arrest in uniform, what should the attire be at related judicial proceedings?
A newborn infant means a child who a licensed physician resonably believes is ________________hours old or less at the time the child is initially relinquished to a hospital and not an abused or neglected child?
72 hours.
A mother is allowed to relinquish her newborn infant, who a licensed physician reasonably believes is 72 Hours old or less to a __________?
Hospital, police station,fire station, emergency medical facility.
Jane Smith filed an Order of Protection against her husband John Smith in Indiana where they reside. Jane moved temporarily to chicago to avoid John but she fears john may follow her to chicago. In order for the Indiana order to apply in Illinios Jane Smith___________________.
Is not required to be a resident of Illinois for a foreign Order of Protection to be enforced in Illinois.
Intimidation of a dependent, interference with personal liberty or willful deprivation are all forms of?
The person named in or directed to comply with an Order of Protection is referred to as the ___________.
James and his wife get involved in a domestic dispute. The responding officers determine James is an off duty chicago police officer. Base on these circumstances the responding officers will request______to be assigned to as the investigating supervisor?
Sgt. or above from the district of occurrence.
There are limitations how long a juvenile taken into custody can be detained in secure custody at a police facility. The time restriction clock automatically begins when?
The juvenile is handcuffed to a stationary object or placed in a locked room.
Any sworn department member who is conducting a custodial interrogation of a person under______years of age in connection with any felony offense shall make reasonable efforts to ensure a parent or guardian is present for the interrogation.
13 Years of age.
During the preliminary investigation of a bona fide child abuse or neglect incident the preliminary investigating officer will_________.
Take protective custody of the victim and provide protection and medical treatment as necessary.
After the watch commander has reviewed an arrest report of a juvenile and approved the initiation of fingerprinting and photographing who will escort the juvenile into the district lock up?
Sworm member of the same sex as the juvenile.
A juvenile arrestee will be fingerprinted and photographed ?
On each occasion where there is probable cause to believe that the juvenile has committed a felony or class a or b misdemeanor.
If fingerprints reveal that the arrestee processed as a juvenile is in fact an adult, who has the responsibility of processing him as an adult?
Arresting officer or PO designated by the watch commander.
Juveniles under the age of 10 will not be fingerprinted unless the arrest is?
A felony arrest with the District Commanders authorization.
In the case of non printable offense of a juvenile where an investigators arrival will be delayed, who will accept custody of the juvenile?
Desk Sgt.
When a juvenile is arrestee is ready for transportation to the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, the youth investigator will notify?
Desk Sgt.
In the event there is a disagreement about whether or not a felony charge will be placed (except homicides) the __________will be called for consultation and determination.
The ADS Bureau of Operational Services.
In a case with an offender in custody for UUW by felon, who is responsible for notifying Felony Review?
Arresting Officer.
The _______________alone ahs the authority to approve homicide charges.
The felony review unit of the cook county states attorneys office.
According to Illinois statutory law, a child shall not be considered neglected solely because of_______.
Not attending school.
There is presumption that by relinquishing a newborn infant under the abandoned newborn infant protection act, Parents___________.
Consent to termination of parental rights.
What is the first step in enforcing the narcotics related ordinance?
Inform all such persons that they are engaged in loitering within an area in which loitering is prohibited.
Which of the following is not an element of the narcotics related loitering ordinance?
The officer observes the sale of narcotics which is a violation of the cannabis act.
As defined in the narcotics related loitering ordinance parties are subject to arrest if they fail to promptly disperse and return to re-engage in narcotics related loitering within?
3 Hours.
Which of the below listed statements most accurately defines a public place as defined in the city of chicago Ordinance regarding narcotic related loitering?
The public was and any other location open to the public whether publically or privately owned.
If a parent or guardian being ordered to relinquish control of the child agrees to voluntarily_____with the order, Department members should provide such assistance as is necessary to _____a safe and ______transfer.
Comply / ensure / orderly.
While on patrol you pull over a vehicle for a traffic violation. Mr. Smith is driving the vehicle and his wife, Mrs. Smith is the passenger. He is the respondent in a stay away order and Mrs. Smith is the petitioner. You ask Mr. Smith if he knows about the valid order and he admits he does. Mrs. Smith informs you that it is alright because they are trying to reconcile. Based on these facts the appropriate action would be?
Arrest Mr. Smith.
Officer Jones can verify a respondent was notified about an Order of Protection through all sources but? LEADS? Petitioners verbal admission? Respondents verbal admission?
Petitioners verbal admission
Officer Walker responds to a domestic battery where Mrs. White was struck by her husband. Officer Walker determines Mr. White is the respondent of an active Order of Protection and that he was properly served. For reporting purposes, Officer Walker prepares a battery case report and prints what in the unusual characteristics of offense box in the report?
Violation Order of Protection.
Bt. 2612 is assigned to a domestic battery in which the victim reports the offender fled the scene but she still wants to file a report. The investigation reveals a criminal incident has occured and a report is required. In accordance with department policy, a GOCR is required and the victim is provided with a domestic battery incident notice. All of the following should be written on the back of the domestic incident notice except?
Offenders name, address and date of birth.
When checking for prior convictions on an arrestee's criminal history sheet for domestic violence, what dispositions constitute a conviction?
Incarceration in a penal institution, probation, and conditional discharge.
You are called to a domestic incident and informed by the assigned officers that a Lt. from cpd is involved in the domestic incident. Under these circumstances which of the below listed items would be the best course of action?
Summon a captain or higher ranked supervisor from the district of occurrance.
The___________ will ensure that the arrestiing officer is notified when charges are upgraded and there is a change in the court date.
Desk Sgt.
Working Bt. 2620 you are summoned to the scene of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival Officer Jones explains he has probable cause to believe the complainant was the victim of a domestic battery but she does not want to sign complaints even though the offender is still on the scene. Based on these circumstances you should instruct Officer Jones to_______.
Arrest the offender and advise the complainant of the court date.
When a membermakes an arrest in uniform, in what manner will the officer be attired at any related judicial proceeding?
Who is currently charged with the reponsibility to remove or authorize the removal of vehicles from any public way to an authorized auto pound, department garage, or relocation sites?
Streets and Sanitation.
A police department member is to advise the citizen that he is entitled to _________, if he desires to determine the validity of the tow and any towing or storage fees.
A post tow hearing.
A vehicle is parked illegally in a snow tow designated area. Streets and Sanitation are___________.
Authorized to issue violations notices to vehicles found in violation prior to being towed.
How many days can a vehicle in a state of disrepair, which renders it incapable of being driven, remain on the street before it is considered abandoned?
7 days.
Vehicles being towed for hold for investigation, seizure, impoundment, for unlawful drugs in vehicle, forfeitures and confidential VIN checks will_____________.
Have the keys attached to the vehicle tow report.
Any minor under the age of 14 whose parent or other person responsible for the minors welfare leaves the minor without supervision for an unreasonable period of time without regard for the mental or physical health , safety or welfare of that minor is considered?
The daily log of juveniles taken into custody will be maintained at each district under the control or the_____.
Desk Sgt.
A delinquent is a person under_____________years of age who has violated or attempted to violate any state/ federal or municipal ordinace.
When investigating a crime of aggravated battery a juvenile suspect 12 years of age or older may be detained up to how many hours?
24 Hours
How long can a juvenile under the age of 10 be held in secure custody?
A juvenile under the age of 10 cannont be held in secure custody.
Minors under what age must be represented by legal counsel during the interrogation if the minor is being interrogated for possible involvement in a murder case?
13 Years of age.
When a member is suspended for less than 30 days the departments property will be?
Retained in members unit of assignment.
Make up inspections will be conducted and deficiencies will be corrected within?
7 days.
In case of death the deceased members__________will ensure the prompt return of all department property?
Unit commanding officer.
Who has the responsibility and authority to ensure that uniform standards are strictly observed by both sworn and uniformed civilian members?
All supervisors
When a sworn member is to be separated or terminated who will ensure the prompt return of all Department issued items to the personnel division?
Members commanding officer of assigned unit.
If taking a leave of absence for longer than 30 days an officer will return to the department all of the following items except the______?
Handgun and vest.
Who can authorize a sworn member to wear their uniform or conservative business attire, when attending duty related judicial proceedings.
District Commanders.
Winter uniform garments will be worn from?
01 Nov to 30 Apr.
If the child protective service unit determines after investigating a report that there is no credible evidence that a child is abused or neglected, it shall deem the report to be?
An unfounded report.
Any person authorized and acting in good faith, in the removal of a child when there is evidence of abuse or neglect shall have immunity from?
Any civil or criminal liability.
Any person required by Illinois Statutory law to report child abuse or neglect, who has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has died as a result of abuse or neglect will, in addition to notifying DCFS, also immediately notify ?
Medical Examiner.
Steves mother is a cocaine user. One day she instructs steve to try the cocaine and steve ingests the cocaine through his nostril. Steve is 17 years old and his mother if arrested will be charged with?
Child abuse.
An abused minor would be a person under________years of age whose parent inflicts physical injury or causes physical injury to be inflicted or allows physical injury to be inflicted.
18 Years of age.
__________ means the illegal tortuous, use of a high risk adult with disabilities or of the assets or resources of a high risk adult with disabilities.
In all circuit court proceedings under the Domestic Violence Act_________shall be allowed to attend and sit at council table and confer with the victim, unless otherwise directed by the court.
Domestic abuse advocate.
Any proceedings to obtain modify reopen or appeal an Order of Protection shall be governed by the rules of civil proceedure of this State. The standard of proof in such a proceeding is ________?
Proof by a preponderance of the evidence.
A plenary Order of Protection shall be valid for a fixed period of time, not to exceed?
2 years.
According to Illinois Statutory law, each order of protection shall be entered into the law enforcement automated data system in what time frame?
On the same day it is issued by the court.
Who issues the replacement stars to a sworn member?
Office of the First Deputy Superintendent.
Child means any person under the age of__ unless legally emancipated by reason of marriage or entry into a branch of the US Armed Services.
DCFS conducted a child abuse investigation and it was determined that there was credible evidence that some type of abuse had occurred. Under these circumstances the investigators' report would be?
An indicated report.
A high risk adult with disabilities must be at least___years old whose physical or mental disability impairs his or her ability to seek or obtain protection from abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
18 years of age.
The period of time that an interim order of protection shall be effective is_____
Up to 30 days.
The period that an emergency order of protection shall be effective is _______?
Not less than 14 days nor more than 21 days.
John Doe is caring for his elderly mother who is sick with cancer. John does not take his mother for treatments so that she will expire sooner and he will be relieved of the burden of caring for her. Johns behavior would be classified as___________?
Willful deprivation.
If the respondent in an Order of Protection is a peace officer, even though the respondent has not threatened or it is not likely to use a firearm illegally against the petitioner, the court shall_________to the chief law enforcement executive of the agency in which the respondent is employed.
Order any firearms used by respondent in the performance of duty be surrendered.
If a lost star is considered avoidable, what kind of form is generated?
Personnel Action Request Form.
According to Dept. policy relating to lost stars and shields, who will ensure that the equipment transaction receipt is completed whenever department equipment is issued or returned?
Distric Commander
Who is responsible for administering the star, shield, and badge system of the chicago police department?
The personnel division.
P.O. Jerk is starting a 20 day suspension. According to department policy who will retain P.O. Jerks department property during the period he is suspended?
Unit commanding officer.