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1st joyful mystery
2nd joyful mystery
3rd joyful mystery
4th joyful mystery
Presentation in the Temple
5th joyful mystery
Finding in the Temple
1st luminous mystery
Baptism in the Jordan
2nd luminous mystery
Marriage at Cana
3rd luminous mystery
Proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven
4th luminous mystery
5th luminous mystery
Last Supper & Institution of Eucharist
1st sorrowful mystery
Agony in the Garden
2nd sorrowful mystery
Scourging at the Pillar
3rd sorrowful mystery
Crowning with Thorns
4th sorrowful mystery
Carrying of the Cross
5th sorrowful mystery
The Crucifixion
1st glorious mystery
The Resurrection
2nd glorious mystery
The Ascension
3rd glorious mystery
Descent of the Holy Spirit
4th glorious mystery
The Assumption
5th glorious mystery
The Coronation