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what were the main factors of US expansion?
1- economic demand for overseas markets
2- competition with europe (chinese land grab)
3- Religious justification (josiah strong, moral element of foreign policty)
4- Alfred thayer mahan's idea that we need a strong navy and sea power to defend our new home... especially pacific islands ( cover up desire for new markets)
5- Henry Cabot Lodge (hayes, roosevelt) believe expansion/ war in order to expand will help with chivalry, civid duty, and retore manhood
6- fronteir thesis- interpreted it as needing overseas safety valve since the fronteir is closed.
alfred Thayer Mahan
Influence of Sea power upon history 1890
said that sea power meant national greatness and we should build up or navy, meaning we needed bases abroad. He emphasized the mportance of the pacific islands, the military strategy excuse was often used to mask desire for new markets
Josiah strong
our country 1885- we should pity the weaker raes and spread christianity to civilize them and put them on the right moral path
advocate of expansionist who thought that the war would be like natural selection-- appealed to masculitiy -- wasn't afraid of war- He was the asst seretary of navy in mckinley's firt term and decide to take the phillipenes w'o mckinley, then he was the head of the army in the second term and lead the rough riders in PR
venezuela incident
1895 a border dispute between venezuela and british guiana when gold was found there-- british rejected arbitration offer from US and said they should follow monroe doc and stay out, but the US responded by setting up a commission to settle the dispute w/o britain.
Queen Liliukalani
took hawaiin throne in 1891 and didn't like americans
William randolph hearst and Joe pulitzer
wrote two competing NYC newspapers exploiting the crisis in Cuba often making rumors sound like fats- sensationalized-- Hearts's the journal was said to have lower sandards and debased.
Yellow journalism
used to describe the debased journalistic style used in hearst's comic strip
explosion took placce on this US battleship in cuba killing lots of crewmen in 1898-- raised the war spirit
renounced us interest in controlling cuba and said they'd leave it alone once their independence was ensured
• Spanish American War () and Treaty of Paris
(1898) Treaty of Paris recognized Cuba’s independence and Us paid them 20 mill for the Philippines, PR, and Guam giving them an empire from the Caribbean to the pacific. MORE WAY STATIONS AND ACQUIRED PR AND CUBA
platt ammendment
1901--- Cuba was under the control of General Lenard wood until 1902 and after the Platt amendment America agreed to withdraw after Cuba agreed not to make any treaty with a foreign power that would limit in dependence or borrow too much money, and the US had the right to intervene in Cuba when necessary and to have their Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay which still remains. This went against the teller terms of no interest in sovereignty jurisdiction or control in Cuba.
• Anti-Imperialist League
made up of influential members including Godkin and Adams as well as Carnegie. It was formed in 1898 because they believed it was against the principles of the Dec and the constitution to rule other peoples and were disgusted by the military fever. Some labor leaders thought that expansion would mean foreign competition. They almost prevented the expansionist peace treaty with Spain in 1899 but lost by one vote--- gone after McKinley’s reelection.
• Emilio Aguinaldo
1886 had organized a Filipino movement to drive out Spain and got Spain to surrender, so he was really mad when Spain gave their island to Americans because they had already declared independence and drafted a constitution. He lead an attack on Manila which was the American base but the US just shipped in more troops and crushed them by the end of 1899.
• Philippine Government Act
1902- created a governor general position that was appointed by the president and an elected Filipino assembly and promised eventual self- government.
why did the us want hawaii and what did they do about it
desired Hawaii because it had sugar plantations and the Pearl Harbor base, but a treaty in 1887 imposed a constitution allowing Hawaii to have native rule, which was anti- American. They were able to force the situation by getting rid of the duty-free status of Hawaiian sugar, which would ruin their economy--- Hawaii soon requested annexation and McKinley moved in when he became president because Cleveland was kind of a wimp.
• Explain the crisis over Cuba and what were the results?
Spanish commander in Cuba, Valeriano was putting Cubans in concentration camps and outraged Americans. A Spanish letter was also published in the journal that called McKinley weak and the USS Maine contributed to hostility—McKinley sent a war message to congress and they agreed to use force to expel the Spanish from Cuba.
• Describe the United States’ conquest of the Philippines.
Long guerilla conflicted with over 125000 American men serving there and lots of casualties. In 1902 it was revealed that torture and burning and other foul play was being used on the Filipinos by Americans, but US did not show the same outrage they had with Cuba because of the growing Nativism and native Americans in the west.
venezuela and british guiana
what connected all of the way stations and pacific settlements?
the panama canal!!