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What were some of the constraints of VS 2003?
-depends on IIS
-required Front Page Server Entensions
-ea app tied to virtual folder
-unable to edit single page with intellisense; required open project for all features
-forced code-behind
What are the benefits of VS 2005 over VS 2003?
-iis not required
-can use FTP to access web site
-solution files are no longer necessary
-improved Copy Web Site
-better intellisense, i.e. web.config
-Master Pages
-Partial Classes
-Code Refactoring
-IDE Profiles
What are the different types of deployment?
XCOPY and setup project
What are the different methods of pre-compilation?
In-Place (request ea page b4 deployment) and Precompilation for deployment(create dll prior to deployment)
What is the Web Site Administration Tool?
An open source configuration manager for web site Security, Application Settings, Provider configuration, and editing configuration files