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mongol khanate in Russia
Khanate of the Golden horn
2 of china's greatedst poets
Li Bo & Duo Fu
Kublai Khna's Dynasty
samurai pledged loyalty to
military gov. in japan 1185-1333
kamakura shogunate
when kingdom of silla conquered all of Korea - ended
3 kingdoms period
Timer Lenk - influential city
Genghis Khan's 1st name
Zen Buddhism requires
freeing minds from distraction & acting instinctivly
After fall of han daynasty (AD 200), Korea...
formed separate kingdoms & adopted many parts of chinese culture
@ battle of Ayan Jalut (AD 1260)
Mamuluk army defeated Mongols
outcome of mongol attack on japan in AD 1281
typhoon in sea od Japan destroyed Mongol fleet
Ming Admiral who travelede a s far as the Red Sea
Zheng He
Nara period in Japan
nobles referred to themselves as "dwellers among the clouds"
Korean artisans in Koryo dynasty known for
pottery w/ blue-green glaze
put these dynasties in order
1 - Tang
2 - Song
3 - Yuan
4 - Ming
"the Tale of the Heike" is about
civil war wetween 2 powerful, landowning clans
Mongols worship dead
soul not body
entrance into Tang civil service based on
world's 1st novel
the Tale of Genji
in early 1100s, Song Chinese established a Capital @
reasons why Kublai Khan was a great emperor
expanded borders
accepted chinese tradition
Pax Mongolica
foreigners in court positions
united china under 1 ruler
leadership strategies of genghis khan
religios tolerance
artisans from conquered people
developed a written language
law code - Yasa
united mongol clans
oragnized army
"dummy warriors"
retreat & attack
language of everyday speech
people who tried to reoncile classical philosophy w/ church doctrine in the middle ages
English reformer who criticized wealth i the chirch, corruption in the clergy, & the pope having absolute authority
John Wycliffe
last muslim stronghold on spanishj Pen.
"Canturbury Tales" differs from "Divine Comedy"
CT - real world
DC - fantastic journey
French knights @ Agincourt
weighed down by armor & sank in muddy battlefeild
A primary cause of HYW
English king claimed French throne
Mediterranian trade controled by Italian towns
for example
Genoa, Venice
"We...abandon you as a limb of Satan, infectad with the leprosy of heresy, cut off form the church, in order to prevent the infection of other members of christ"
refers to
Joan of Arc
The Babylonian captivity was when
the court of the pope moved from Rome to a city in France
Pope who called 2nd crusade
Eugenius III
Medieval towns sponsored by Fair days b/c
towns could collect sales tax on all goods exchanged
Under Joan of Arc, French army broke sige @
Town charters usually included these provisions
all citizend can come & go as they please
citizens free of feudal labor requirement
no feudal lord could seize property in town
selling of church positions called
In AD 1100s, universities established in
Dr. strphen O'Brian conducted a study of the Black Death b/c
the plague bacteria attacks cells the same way HIV does
the Reconquista was
the fight to drive Muslims from Spain
calling Christians to drive the infidels from the Holy Land, the Pope convened __________________________
The Council of Clermont
the Reconquista was
the fight to drive Muslims from Spain
during the 3rd Crusade, this Muslim leader & this English king squared off
Saladin, Richard I
In the AD 1000s these people conquered Palestine & attacked the Byz Empire
Seljuk Turks
After the 1st Crusade, new military-religios orders aros to offer safe conduct to Palestine, the earliest was
Temblars (Knights of the Temple)
After being defeated by the Turks, this Byz emperor called on the Pope for aid
Alexius I
In AD 1191 after 2-yr seige of this city, negotiations broke down & crudasres lilled 3,000 Muslims
5th crusade was launched against Muslim control in
5th crusade was launched against Muslim control in
This person set out for China in AD 1271 w/ his merchant father & uncle
Marco Polo
during this crusade, crusaders sacked Const. which lead to the downfall of the Byz empire
this pope inspired his liseners to volenteer for the 1st crusade
Urban II
According to Beha-ed-Din, 1 reason the King of England executed muslim prisoners was
he thought is was unwise to leave so many enimy prisoners alive
"Do not belive that we shall give it up to you...It belonged to us orrigianally, and it is you wgo are the real agressors" this quote refers to
monarchs who lead "the Crusade of Kings"
Richard I
Philip Augustus
Frederic Barbarosa
After Palestine fel to Arab invaders in AD 600s
Christians were tolerated & allowed to live in Jeruselem
The result of the 2nd crusade was
the crusaeders were defeated by the Turks & reterned home in disgrace
the fuedal states established after the 1st crusade were
1 lasting economic effects of the Crusades was
angements for the flow of money between Europe & Palestine developed
After the end of the Crusades, the hospitalers moved their headquarters to an Island in the Mediterranean & became known as
the Kinghts of Malta
Which group of Christians did the Pope exclude from his call for the 1st Crusade
Women w/out male guadians & clergy w/out the consent of their bishops
the Crusades affected the evolution of rligion in Medieval europe by
leaving a bitter legacy of religios haterd in th Middle East
After a seige of almost 2 months, the victorious Crusaders entered Jerusalem in 1099 &...
slaughtered the inhabitants
the written history of Britain begun by Alfred the Great
the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
in AD 768, Pepin the Short's son became king & gave this name to his dynasty
in order to seek out & punish heretics, the church developed this
the inquisition
to win suppport against the Pope, king Philip IV of France called together this assembly of nobles, clergy, & townspeople
Estates General
the exclusive right of the eldest son to inherit his father's estate is called
the early medieval period is called the Dark Ages b/c
law & order vanished & literacy almost disappeared
this famous memorial was commissioned by King Harald of Denmark after he converted to Christianity
the Jelling stone
Pope Gregory VII banned lay investiture. What did Emperor Henry IV do in response?
he insulted the pope & ordered him to step down
serfs living on medieval manors
were bound to the land & could no tleave w/out the lord's permission
the reform movement in the church in th 10th & 11th centuriesresulted from
charges of corruption & immorality among the clergy
William of Normandy's invasion fleet was delayed in France b/c
strong northeasterly winds kept his ships @ mooring
A primary difference between political developments in Englsnd & France
Parliament & the Magna Carta limited the power of the English King
the creation of an empire by Charlemange
revived literacy & ;earning & united W Europe under 1 gov
In 866, the Great Army invaded England. What was their purpose?
conquer the isalnd & make it Viking territory
the "missi dominici" were
royal agents
the code of conduct called chivalry frequired knights to
fight fairly
protect & cherish noble women & the church
to be steadfast, loyal, & always tru to their word
"Behold the church of St. Cuthbert splattered with blood of the priests of God, despoiled of all its ornaments; a place more venerable than all in Britain is given prey to pagan people..."
this quote refers to
the attack on Lindisfarne in AD 793
this was the 1st large-scale mechanized siege weapon & it could propel objects up to 980 ft or over castle walls
Historians refer to the type of battle waged by Frankish knights as "shock warfare" b/c
knights using stirrups could withstand the impact of a lance & remain on their enemies
Popes enforce church laws & exercized power over medieval Christians using these 2 powerful weapons
excamunication & interdict
In Ad 800s this combination reserch library & school opened in Baghdad
the House of Wisdom
these nomads who hearded sheep, camels & goats lived on the Arabian Pen. in ancient times
in AD 624, Muhammad drafted this political agreement which created an Islamic state & culture
the Medinah Compact
all Muslims have to carry out obligations called
Five Pillars of Islam
the Umayyads moved the capital to this city which was centrally located in the expanding Islamic state
"people of the book" included
"It enabeleth its possessor to distinguish right fron wrong; it is our friend in the desert; our society in ornament among our friends and armor among emimies." this quote refers to
Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad experinced a revelation in AD 610 which was
He heard a voice proclaiming "Recite!"
What ended the elective system of choosing a caliph?
the Rightly Guided Caliphs were overthrown by rebel groups
what was Muhammad's early life like?
he was born into a powerful clan & orphaned at a young age
In 1258, these people sacked & looted Baghdad & killed the last Abbasid Caliph
the Mongols
the term "Islam" means
submission to the will of God
the conflict between Sunni & Shi'ite Muslims centered on
importance of blood kiship to Muhammad
the four social classed in Musim society were
Muslims @ birth
converted Muslims
protected people
Islamic tradition prohibits the faithful from
gambling & eating pork (drinking?)
Muslim scientists used the astolabe to
determine the size & circumferance of the earth
the military expeditons of the Rightly Guided Caliphs were sucessful b/c
their horse & camel cavalry overwhelmed more traditional armies
the Umayyad advance into western Europe was stopped in AD 732 by
Charles Martel @ Tours
the ritual performed by pilgrims on the last day of the Hajj is
the Stoning in the Mina Valley to ward off temptation
links between Islam, Christianity, & Judaism
many of the same stories
all have holy books, houses of worship, an afterlife, final judgement
descended from Abraham
deveolped in the same area
Jerusalem - holy
belive in same, 1 God
Muslims belive Christian & Jewish prophets were prophets
written history of early Slavic people
the Primary Chronicle
In AD 1054, doctrinal, political & geogrophic differences finally led to this split between Roman Cath. & & E Ortho
constantinople was strategicly this body of water linking the sea of Marmara & the black sea
Bosporous straight
Scholars often refer to the 240-yr period of Mongol rule in Russia as
the Tatar Yoke
the Viking King Rurik established his capital @ this city & it became Russia's 1st important city
Durin the tax revlot in Const, empress Theodora advised Justinian to
stay in the city & fight the rebelion
In AD 1240, Prince Alexander
defeated the invading Swedes @ the Neva River
Hagia sophia:
was built by_______
10,000 workers in only 5 yrs
designed in the shape of a cross
massive circular dome on 4 columns
how did th ionoclast controversy involve Leo III, the Byz emperor
He ordered the use of religios images
the silk industry of the Byz Empire flouriched after
Ortho christian monks smuggled silkworms out of China
@ the battle of Manzikert on 1071
the Seljuk Turks dealt the Byz a painful defeat
Yaroslav the Wise helped to devolp Kiev by
ecouraging learnig & establishing a library
Emperor Justinian's ambition to reconquer Roman lands lost to Germanic invaders
exausted the funds & resources of the Empire
the relationship between the Byz emperors & the Orthodox church involved
emperors frequently appointed church offiacils & used the wealth of the church for gov. perposes
"These defenders of CHrist, who should hav eturned their swords only on the infadels, have bathed in Christian blood." this statement is attributed to
Pope Innicent condeming the cursaders
Ivan III is known as Ivan the Great b/c
he refused to pay taxes to the Mongols & united all the principalities under his rule
"So while he was emperor, the whole earth ran red...with blood." this refers to
After the sack of Const in 1204,
W christians ruled the city for the next fifty yrs
the most common form of Byz currency was the
gold solidus
3 of Russia's greatest rivers are
the Dnieper
the Volga
the Don