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What do the salivary glands do?
Keep the mouth mucosa moist
What is an acinus?
A grape or berry
What covers salivary glands?
Fibrous capsules of dense CT
What does the Capsule do?
Forms Septations that extend from the capsule into divide the gland into lobes and lobules.
Does the kidney capsule make septations?
What are the acini?
The secretory portions
What determines the morphology of the acini?
The type of product produced by the gland
What cells are associated with acini?
Myoepithelial cells
3 Types of acini in salivary glands:
What are the serous acini like?
What are mucous acini like?
Usually tubular
3 Features of Serous Acinus cells:
-Round nuclei
-Apical secretory granules
-Basophilic cytoplasm at base
What do the serous acini produce?
-Growth factors
Features of the Mucous Acinus cells:
-Flat nuclei at basal cell surf
-Apical mucous globules
What do the mucous acini secrete? Made out of what?
Mucins made out of GAGS
Prominent feature of Mixed acini
Serous demilune
What IS a freaking serous demilune?
A little cap that is a serous acinus cell, sitting on top of a mucous acini, with its duct draining into the mucous duct.
What ducts DRAIN the acini?
Intercalated ducts
What type of epithelium do intercalated ducts have?
What do intercalated ducts secrete?
What do intercalated ducts drain into?
Striated ducts
What type of epithelium do striated ducts have?
Tall columnar
What do striated ducts secrete?
K and Bicarb
What do striated ducts drain into?
Excretory ducts
What type of epithelium lines excretory ducts?
Pseudostratified to stratified columnar
What do excretory ducts add to the salivary gland product?
Where are the major salivary glands located?
Outside the oral cavity
How are the major salivary glands connected to the oral cavity?
Via ducts
What makes the major salivary glands secrete?
Where are the minor salivary glands located?
Within the oral cavity
What causes the minor salivary glands to secrete?
Nothing - they do it all the time.
What do the minor salivary glands secrete?
Mostly mucus
What are the major salivary glands?
3 common clinical problems affecting the oral cavity:
-Dental caries
-Periodontal disease
-Infections of the oral mucosa