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3 main components of a tooth:
1. Mineralized tissue
2. Dental pulp
3. Periodontium
Can the tooth's mineralized tissues be remodeled??
3 parts to the mineralized tissue:
1. Enamel
2. Dentin
3. Cementum
What % of Enamel is inorganic?
What % of Dentin is inorganic?
What % of Cementum is inorganic?
Where is Enamel?
It covers the crown of the tooth
What secretes Enamel? When?
Ameloblasts - during formation of the embryo
Where is Dentin?
In the crown and roots of the tooth.
What secretes Dentin? When?
Odontoblasts - thruout life
Is dentin repairable?
Somewhat, when it's fresh.
Is Cementum break-downable?
No, it is resistant to resorption.
Where is Cementum?
Covering the root of the tooth.
What cells make up Cementum?
Root: acellular
Lower part: Cementocytes
What secretes Cementocytes? Where are they located?
Cementoblasts located at the cementum/periodontal ligament border.
Are the mineralized tissues vascular?
Is the Dental Pulp?
What does the dental pulp consist of?
Loose connective tissue and fluid
What do the cells of the dental pulp consist of?
What is the periodontium?
The supporting and attachment structures of the tooth.
What 4 structures make up the periodontium?
1. Alveolar process
2. Cementum
3. Periodontal ligament
4. Dentogingival junction
What is the alveolar process?
The bony socket holding the tooth.
What do we already know cementum is?
Mineralized tissue covering the root of the tooth.
What surrounds the cementum?
The periodontal ligament
Is the periodontal ligament really a ligament?
No it is more cellular and vascular than that.
What are the 3 functions of the periodontal ligament?
What is the dentogingival junction?
The epithelium covering the gingival apex and sulcus
What type of epithelium is deep to the gingival sulcus?
Attachment epithelium
What is the function of the basement membrane of the Attachment epithelium?
To act as a seal around the neck of the tooth.
What helps prevent food and junk from getting around the tooth base?
Inflammatory cells in the lamina propria under the attachment epithelium.