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cultural assimilation
occurs when one's values are replaced by the values of the dominant culture.
cultural blindness
occurs when one ignores differences and proceeds as though they do not exist.
cultural diversity
people of varying racial classification and national origin, religious affiliation, language, physical size, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability socioeconomic status, occupational status and geographic location.
cultural imposition
the belief that everyone should conform to the majority belief system.
shared system of beliefs, values, and behavioral expectations that provide social structure for daily living.
culture conflict
occurs when people become aware of cultural differences, feel threatened, and respond by ridiculing the beliefs and traditions of others to make themselves feel more secure about their own values.
culture shock
the feelings a person experiences when placed in a different culture.
the sense of identification with a collective cultural group, largely based on heritage.
judgement of other people based on the standards and practices of one's own culture.
personal space
the area around a person regarded as part of the person.
categories based on skin pigmentation, body stature, facial features, and hair texture. Major categories: caucasian, negroid, mongoloid.
assigning characteristics to a group of people without considering specific individuality
group of people with different interests or goals than the primary culture