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Samuel Adams
*Revolutionary leader
*Sons of Liberty
Alexander Graham Bell
Invented the telephone;1876
John Brown
*Extreme abolitionist
*led Pottawotamie Massacre, raid on Harper's Ferry
Andrew Carnegie
*Carnegie Steel
*"robber baron"
William Clark
Coleader of expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase
Christopher Columbus
First European to lan in the Americas
Hernando Cortes
Spanish explorer who conquered Mexico
Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederate States of America
Stephen A. Douglas
*Illinois Senator
*debated Lincoln
*popular sovereignty
Benjamin Franklin
*Enlightment thinker
*Revolutionary leader
Alexander Hamilton
*Author of the Federalist Papers
*first secretary of the treasury
Marquis de Lafayette
French soldier who aided American revolutionaries
Robert E. Lee
Leading Confederate general, Army of Northern Virginia
Meriwether Lewis
Coleader of expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase
Samuel F. B. Morse
*Invented the telegraph
*Morse code, 1837
*Chief whose tribe befriended, warred with Jamestown settlers
Shoshone woman, guide for Lewis and Clark expedition
Santa Anna
President of Mexico and military leader in Mexican-American War
Sitting Bull
*Sioux leader
*defeated Custer at Little Bighorn
*killed at Wounded Knee
Thaddeus Stevens
Radical Republican leader of Congressional Reconstruction
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1852
George Washington
*President 1789-1797
*Birth State: Va.
*Bill of Rights; Whiskey Rebellion; cotton gin
John Adams
*President 1797-1801
*Birth State: Mass.
*XYZ Affair; Alien and Sedition Acts
Thomas Jefferson
*President 1801-1809
*Birth State: Va.
*Marbury v. Madison; Louisiana Purchase
James Madison
*President 1809-1817
*Birth State: Va.
*War of 1812; American System
James Monroe
*President 1817-1825
*Birth State: Va.
*industralization; Missouri Compromise;Monroe Doctrine
Andrew Jackson
*President 1829-1837
*Birth State: S.C..
*Nullification; bank war; Jacksonian Democracy; Indian Removal Act
Abraham Lincoln
*President 1861-1865
*Birth State: Ky.
*Secession and Civil War; Emancipation Proclamation; 1st President assassinated
Andrew Johnson
*President 1865-1869
*Birth State: N.C.
*13th and 14th Amendments; Radical Reconstruction; impeachment trial; sharecropping in the South
Ulysses S. Grant
*President 1869-1877
*Birth State: Ohio
*15th Amendment;transcontinental railroad; Panic of 1873