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What is the progression of sperm genesis?
Spermatogonia --> Primary spermatocyte --> Primary meoisis (reductional division) --> Secondary spermatocytes --> Secondary meiosis (equatorial division) --> Spermatids --> SPERMIOGENESIS --> Normal sperms
How many pyramidal lobules are there in testes?

What are they separated by?
There are ~250 lobules in testes. Each lobule can contain between 1 and 4 seminiferous tubules per lobule.
Where are germ cells made?
In seminiferous tubules!!
How are seminiferous tubules organized?
On the outside there are myoid cells (contract to push sperm into lumen), capialleries (NO BLOOD CROSSES INTO SPERMATOGENESIS SITE), and fibroblasts.

Spermiogenesis and maturation occur from basal lamina into LUMEN.
what do Leydig cells do?
Produce testosterone. Trigger development of germ cell production.
How long is spermiogenesis in humans?

What are important developments in spermiogenesis?
~70 days.
Where do sperm achieve motility?
What is Kartagener syndrome?
Absence of dynein / other motility proteins. Can result in infertility.

Where are Sertoli cells located?
Post-mitotic after puberty (explains persistance).

PYRAMIDAL cells whose base is located on basal lamina of seminiferous tubule.
What hormone triggers testosterone?

What does testosterone do?

There are LH receptors on Leydig cells...responsible for testosterone production.

Stimulates tests development. Negative feedback on H & P.
Promotes sertoli cell function.
What hormone triggers Sertoli cells?

What do Sertoli cells do?
FSH. FSH receptors on Sertoli cells

Sertoli cells are supports for cells underdoing spermatogenesis. They negatively feedback on H & P. They activate inhibin, which inhibits FSH. They secrete AMH.

Sertoli cells also important to BLOOD - TESTES BARRIER.
What is the significance of the Blood-testes barrier?

What cells form the blood-testes barrier?
Keeps developing sperm away from blood-borne pathogens. Helps with embryonic immunity.

SERTOLI CELLS make the B-T barrier.
What cell types are prominent in epididymis?

What are repro organs has pseudostratified ciliated epithelium.
Pseudostratified epithelium. All cells touch BASAL LAMINA, but not all touch APEX.

How much of seminal fluid is supplied by seminal vesicle?
Where does prostate originate from?
Technically, mesonephric ducts.

Endodermal evagination of urethra.
What are the main zones of the prostate?

What are cell types of prostate?
Peripheral Zone (~75% of prostatic tissue)

Transitional Zone (~20% of prostatic tissue)

Central zone (~5-8% of tissue)

What zone is BPH found? What zone is prostatic cancer found?
BPH is benign and found in Transitional zone of prostate. Its proximity to urethra causes painful urinary obstruction.

HOWEVER, prostatic cancer is found in peripheral zone, which is NOT ADJACENT to urethra. No pain is felt.
How many compartment of erectile tissue are there?
THREE. 2 of corpus cavernosum of penis + 1 of corpus cavernosum of urethra