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All Culture consist of 2 parts
1. Material Culture
2. Nonmaterial Culture
Material Culture
Consists of concrete, visible parts of a culture, such as food, clothing, cars, weapons, and buildings. Aspects differe from society to society.
Nonmaterial Culture
Consists of intangible aspects of culture, such as values and beliefs, concepts and idea that shape who we are and make us different form other members of other societies.
A culturally approved concept about what is right or wrong, desirable or undesirable, principles about how things should be.
Specifi ideas that people feel are true. Values support beliefs.
Dominant Culture
The group whose members are in the majority or who weild more power than other groups.
A group that lives differently from but not opposed to , the dominat culture, a culture within a culture
A subculture that opposes the dominat culture.
The tendency to judge another culter by the standards of one's own culture, entails notion that ones own culture is superior to everyone elses.
Cutural Relativism
Examination of a cultural trait within the context of that culture,
Culture Shock
The suprise, disorientation, and fear people can experience when they encounter a new culture.
Culture Lag
Term coined by William Ogburn, refers to the tendancy for changes in material and nonmaterial culture ro occur at different rates.
Cultural Diffusion
Process whereby an aspect of culture spreads throughout a culture from one culture to another.