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what are the three tenets used by electronic warfare to be effective ?
what tenet of EW is used as a force multiplier ?
the use of electroni or mechanica devies to reduce the effectiveness of enemy offensive and defensive electronic systems we know as electronic______
what mission includes the action taken to protect personnel, facilities, and equipment from any electronic warfare employment that may degrade, neutralize, or destroy friendly combat capability ?
EP electronic protection
what application of EW confuses or misleads the enemy ?
what program is designed to reduce the time interval between recognition of a new threat and establishment of an operational capability to cope with it ?
quick reaction capability
which methid does a jamming transmitter NOT use to jam a radar ?
which is an advantage of a spot jammer ?
all the power of the jammer can be concentrated in one place
which is an advantage of a barrage jammer ?
it covers a wide band of frequencies simultaneously
which is an advantage of a repeaater jammer ?
it creates many false targets, which cause confusion,doubt,and delay
how do mechanical devices jam a radar ?
by reflecting or absorbing the radar signal
which is NOT one of the 3 basic types of chaff drops ?

a. continuous or stream
b. random
c. corridor
c. corridor
which does NOT affect chaff's screening ability ? it resonates at the given radar frequency
b. eveness of dispersal
c. relative density
d. range
small aircraft containing a propulsion system that can be programmed to maneuver and change altitude are known as____
what are designed to home in on radar signal ?
what is the term we use to describe features designed into a radar system that degrade or eliminate the effectiveness of EA ?
the ability of a radar set to be tuned rapidly from one frequency to another frequency is what we call ___
frequency agility
frequency agility is most successful against a ___ type of jammer.
manually tuned spot jammer
which technique improves the signal-to-jamming( s/j) ratio and extends burn-through (detection) range ?
power add
what is the first thing you do if you realize that you are being jammed ?
alert other crew members
what uses the intersection of two or more radar EA strobes to determine the position of a jammer?
why is it important to locate the position of a jammer ?
so you can direct interceptor aircraft to it to neutralize the jammer
which type of communications jamming causes a sound somewhat like an aircraft engine ?
sweep through
which type of comunication jamming produces a signal consisting of audio tones that somewhat resemble the wail of a bag pipe?
stepped tone
which type of communications jamming may be mistaken for receiver or atmospheric interference ?
which is NOT a type of communications jamming ?

a.recorded music or foreig language broadcasts.
b. continuous or stream jamming
c.heterdyne type
d. sweep through
b. continuous or stream jamming
when experiencing communication sjamming what must you do ?
when can you use enemy frequencies ?
as a last resort with the concurrence of intelligence of you intelligence officer
what do yo udo when you first discover that your communications are being jammed ?
keep operating in the normal manner
what is the preferred way of submitting an EMI report ?
via electrnic method
within what timeframe must you report EMI incidents ?
within 24 hrs
what tool can be used to determine the bandwidth, relative amplitude, and modulation of EMI ?
spectrum analyzer
what is NOT a type of EMI report ?

a. initial
b. closing
c. cancellation
d. supplementat
c. cancellation
what EMI report do yo use to request engineering installation group ( EIG) quick fix interface reduction capability (QFIRC) technical message ?