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The "Star Wars" Strategic Defense Initiative was proposed by this U.S. President.
Ronald Regan
Increased technology and decreased government regulations made ___ the buzzword of the closing years of the twentieth century.
Pssimists argue that globalization threatens to homogenize the world's cultures into a single "____" culture
Mc Donalds
What economic system is the driving force behind globalization?
Whati s the most imporant segment of the worldwide criminal economy?
Drug Trafficking
The first modern, practical computers were created during and immediately after this conflict.
World War II
The internet wascreated in 1969 by ____ ____ ___ ________
Unite States Defense Department
Cities such as Bangalore in this country have become miniture "Silicon Valleys" through the investments of mulitnational corporations like IBM etc.
In December 1999, protestors in Seattle, Washington protested against the policies of this United Nations' agency
World Trade Organization(WTO)
According to the New York Times Almanac, what is the "fastest growing form of media in history?"