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What are 3 advantages of low molecular weight heparin over standard heparin?
SQ vs IV, longer half life, administered less frequently
3 lifestyle changes that a hypertensive patient should make
diet, exercise, smoking
what are 2 significant side effects when using propranolol that may necessitate withdrawal of the drug?
hulusination, blood disorders
what is the difference in the mechanism of action of the ACE inhibitors and the calcium channel blockers?
Ace recepter sites
what is the most significant side effect of the antilipemic drugs?
alteration of liver function
name 2 types of bronchodilators
what are the common calcium channel blockers used in a clinical setting?
procardia, verapamil
list the types of drugs for treating hypertension/
hypertension,ACE inhibitors, angiotension, , channel blockers, duiretics
3 ACE inhibitors
explain HDL, LDL, types of antilipidemics
lipitor, zocor, lopid
how does carbon dioxide function as a respiratory stimulant
triggers the medulla obligoda
inhalation to prevent exercise-induced aasthma
3 types of antiasthma drugs
bronchodilators, cortico steroids, antiflammatory
common nitrates used in clinical setting
nitrostat, nitroglycerin
mechanism of action of calcium channel blockers
blocking the entry of extracellular calcium ions
antilipemic drugs
zocor, lipitor, lopid
what classified as a respiratory stimulant
act to decrease inflammation in the lungs
agent that may be used for long term maintenance/prevention of asthmatic attacks is
drugs used to treat atrial fibrillation are
inotropic drugs
ace inhibitor used to assist in management of congestive heart failure
zestril, vasotec,prinivil
what drugs are used to treat angina pectoris
nitrates, beta blciking , calcium channel