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end product of heme degradation in splenic macrophages
color of stool and urine
Extravascular hemolytic anemias:
e.g. hereditary spherocytosis, Rh and ABO HDN, increase prod
Gilbert Syndrome:
common genetic defect in uptake/conjugation of UCB; jaundice occurs with fasting. decrease uptake/conjug.
Crigler-Najjar syndromes:
genetic disorders with decreased to absent conjugating enzymes. decrease uptake/conjug
Physiologic jaundice of newborn:
begins on day 3 of life; caused by normal macrophage destruction of fetal RBCs. decrease uptake/conjug
Viral hepatitis:
Urine UBG ++, uring bilirubin ++
Autoimmune hepatitis:
positive serum ANA and anti-smooth muscle antibodies
Neonatal hepatitis:
multifactorial; biopsy shows multinucleated giant cells
Reye syndrome:
encephalopathy, fatty change in liver
Fulminant hepatic failure:
decrease transaminases, increase PT and ammonia
Portal vein thrombosis:
ascites, portal hypertension, no hepatomegaly
Centrilobular necrosis:
combined LHF and RHF; "nutmeg" liver
Extrahepatic cholestasis:
most commonly caused by a stone in CBD
Primary sclerosing pericholangitis:
strong association with ulcerative colitis
Regenerative nodules:
produce intrasinusoidal hypertension
Portal Vein:
splenic vein + superior mesenteric vein
transudate due to alterations in Starling pressures + secondary aldosteronism
Hyperestrinism in males:
gynecomastia, spider telangiectasia
autoimmune destruction of bile ducts in triads. increase antimitochondrial antibodies and IgM
unrestricted reabsorption of iron
acquired iron overload disease
"bronze" diabetes
Cirrhosis in AAT deficiency:
mutant AAT cannot be secreted by the liver
decrease serum BUN, increase serum ammonia
Hepatocellular carcinoma:
increase serum AFP
Cholesterol gallstones:
increase cholesterol in bile, decrease bile salts and lecithin
Black pigment gallstone:
sign of extravascular hemolysis; calcium bilirubinate
Brown pigment gallstones:
sign of CBS infection
Pain radiation in cholecystitis:
right scapula
Chronic cholecystitis:
most common symptomatic disorder of the gallbladder