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Trial and execution of Socrates
399 BC
Sparta attacks city-states in Anatolia and Greece
390's-370's BC
Sparta makes a peace with Persia ceding control over the Anatolian Greek city-states; Plate founds the Academy in Athens
386 BC
Thebes defeats Sparta at the battle of Leuctra
371 BC
Phillip II becomes Macedonian king
359 BC
Phillip II defeats Greek alliance at Chaeronea to become leading power in Greece
338 BC
Phillip II is murdered; Alexander becomes king
336 BC
Aristotle founds the Lyceum in Athens
335 BC
Alexander leads an army of Greeks and Macedonians against the Persian Empire
334 BC
Alexander takes Egypt and founds Alexandria
331 BC
Alexander's army mutinies at the Hyphasis River in India
326 BC
Menander presents his first comedy at Athens
324 BC
Alexander dies at Babylon
323 BC
Epicurus founds "the Garden" in Athens
307 BC
Alexander's successors declare themselves kings
306-304 BC
Eumenes I founds the independent Attalid kingdom in Anatolia
239-139 BC
Jewish revolt in Jerusalem (Macabees)
167 BC
Death of Cleopatra VII and take over of the Ptolemaic kingdom by Rome
30 BC