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What is a service contractor
-anyone who provides product or service for exhibitor or show management during conference
-can be hired by either
General Service Contractor-
official show contractor hired for general duties necessary to produce the show on-site
What are the responsibilities of a GSC
-pipe&drape or hard well exhibit
-carpet for isles
-create all official booths
-manage Drayage
material handling and freight management
-drayage price based on weight by 100 lbs
GSC specialty areas
A/V, cleaning, security
-become a one stop shop to provide ease of use for echibitor and show manager
-also service exhibiter
GSC may create ____ ___ manual which includes all rules & regulations for show floor along w/ forms & documents.
exhibitor service
General Service Contractors:
to show organizers
-on-site coordination
-pipe and drape
-entry areas -offices
-registration areas
-carpet,Furniture -cleaning
General Service Contractors:
o Exhibitors
- exhibit design & construction
- carpet
- furniture
- unify unions & laborers
- rigging - signs
Define a union
Represent a class or workers such as electricians when negotiating w/ management over pay scales & working conditions
GSC are increasing their scope of work to center on meeting need of ____, who are getting more specific about their wants & needs.