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When people come together for a unique purpose:
Specil Event
What 2 things does every planner need to understand?
1. Whay are they here
2. Who is the group
Give examples of why someone would want to have a special event.
-establish community as national destination
-for a company to position them self ex: super bowl
Event planner has to have a vision for their event. What is the who, what, where, and why?
who-ppl/organize that want to host event for a city
what-type of event:parade
where-location:downtown chicago
why-will ppl come?/fun,pride
Management tools for special events
1. flow chart & Graphs-schedule
2. work set up& down schedule
3. policy statement:hold commitments
Who are the members of infrastructure
CEO's of companies
prominent business leaders
civic and community groups
community groups/social leaders
Role of buisiness leaders is to provide ______, ______, _____, and sponsorship.
work space
Can community groups serve as volunteers?
What are the two main objectives for a Special Event?
1. profit for vendors
2. memorable experience for attendee
What is the purpose of the promotional mix model?
To attract attendees to event
What are the 6 steps of the promotional mix?
1. advertising
2. direct marketing
3. Interactive media
4. sales promotion 5. publicity
6. public relations
Describe advertising of promotional mix
PAID form of non personal communication
-mass media:tv, radio, magazine
-most persuasive method
Describe Direct marketing
-uses database mgmt, direct selling, telemarketing,
-internet has fueled growth
-ex: Mary Kay
Describe Interactive Media
-allows back&forth flow of info 4 usersto participate in and modify content
-allows users @ make inquiries & respond to ?'s, make purchases
Describe Sales Promotion
-Marketing that provides xtra value/incentive

Describe publicity
-promotion NOT directly paid
-attempt to get media to run a favorable story about event
Describe Public Relations
-To systematically plan & distribute info 2 attempt 2 contro&manage image/publicity of an event
-purpose:establish positive image of the event
Personal selling
-person to person communication where a sell er trys to assist and persuade prospective event attendees
-face to face sales
Sonsorshps are held to ensure _____ ____ of an event.
profitable success