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Provides centralized oversight of career
petty officers with identified performance or behavior
deficiencies, to provide guidance to improve those
deficiencies, and to monitor their performance for
Petty Officer Quality Control Program
CWO applicants must have at least ___ years of service but not more than __years
LDO applicants must have at least ___ years of service but not more than ___
Which part of a page 2 provides an
immediately accessible, up-to-date record of
emergency data for casualty reporting and
notification of the next of kin.
Which part of a page 2 is the application for
dependency allowances.
enlisted qualification sheet is a page?
While serving as a
member of the ______ _____, you may be ordered to
active duty without your consent.
Fleet Reserve
Any enlisted
member of the regular Navy who has completed at least
30 years of active federal service
Navy Retired List.
As a
retired member, you may be ordered to active duty in
time of war or national emergency at the discretion of
Secretary of the Navy
Composed of members of the
Naval Reserve who are entitled to receive retired pay.
Naval Reserve Retired List
of reservists who have been transferred to the Retired
Reserve List without pay.
Retired Reserve.
A transfer to the Fleet Reserve requires that you
complete __ years at your duty station and submit the
application no sooner than __ months or later than
__ months before your requested transfer date.