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How long is a suitability screening good for?
12 months
How long must the suitability screening be kept on file?
Two years
Who completes NAVMED 1300/1 Part 2?
A dental exam by a civilian provider would be considered current if it was done within how many months?
Six months
How often are TLD (temporary limited duty) evaluations done?
Every two months
When is a member placed on TLD (temporary limited duty) status?
If a condition keeps a member from transferring for at least 90 days
How many days worth of medication can be dispensed for an en route period of transfer?
Up to 180 days, no less than 30 days
What happens if a family member has not received ACIP recommended immunizations?
Medically unsuitable to accompany member to overseas assignment and are not enrolled in EFMP for that reason
Children attending DOD schools must attain what immunizations?
Hep B

DPT(Diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis)

HiB (Haemophilius influenza type B)



If an immunization condition is temporary, when will the vaccine be administered?
Within 30 days of exemption expiration
If a child is exempt from immunizations due to religion what happens during an outbreak at school?
Excluded from school til the outbreak is concluded.
A disqualifying medical requirement is annoiated on what?
NAVMED form 1300/1 Part 1 Medical, Dental, and Educational Suitability Screening for Service and Family Members
What is the mechanism for requesting or obtaining a waiver from BUMED of immunization requirements to for family members?
There is none.
Who recommends an immunization status review prior to international travel?
The Advisory Committee on Innunization Practives and the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Are DOD civilian employees and their family members enrolled in the EFMP?
Pregnancy confirmation must be reported tothe CO with-in what time frame?
2 weeks.
How is pregnancy screening done?
What is the age groups for infant/toddlers and pre-school/school aged children?
Birth to two and 3 to 21
Family travel and command sponsorship cannot be denied due to what?
The non-availablity of EIS or special education services.
What is EIS?
Early Intervention Service
What is IDEA?
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
When is post pregnancy screening conducted?
8 week post delivery
Where is high-risk obstetrical care limited?
Puerto Rico
When does a family memeber require screening?
* Service member has accompanied tour for type 3, 4, or 6 duty
* Unaccompanied tour for 24 months or more
What are the Type Duty Calssification codes?
Type one - Shore duty
Type two - Sea duty
Type three - Overseas Remote
land based sea duty
Type four - Overseas sea duty
Type six -Overseas shore duty
Timely access for remote duty designation pruposes is defined as what?
2 hours of drive time under normal conditions.
Commands desiring to be put on the remote duty list need to send a request to who?
Suitability screeening is valid for how long as long as medical status does not change?
12 months
What does SSC stand for?
Suitability Screening Coordinator
The transferring command a PSD provide family members with what form?
NAVMED 1300/2
Who does the MTF (SSC) communicate with?
Transferring command or PSD
Who completes the NAVMED 1300/1 Part 1?
Screening must take place within how many days of receiving orders?
30 days
Who must be notified if the screening process is delayed?
The transferring command who notifies NAVPERSCOM