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What was the first British colony in America
Why did colonists name the settlement Jamestown?
After King James
Why did the colonists come to Jamestown?
To make money
What did the colonists think they would find in Jamestown?
What saved the Jamestown colony and helped it become rich?
What did the colonists need in order to harvest tobacco?
Workers, picking tobacco is work!
What didn't the colonists make Europeans there servants?
They would die of small pox and other diseases
Why didn't the colonists make Indians there servants?
Because they could run away they knew the land
Why did the colonists choose to make Africans their servants?
They were stronger,They were healthier,They were immunne to smallpox, Africans were already enslaving other Africans.
Who was the most famous leader of Jamestown?
John Smith
Who did John Rolfe marry?
How many British colonies were originally in America?
What passage were some people looking for when they came to America.
Northwest Passage
What company recieved the first charter for a colony in 1607
What year did Columbus sail the ocean blue