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What is the difference between Flammable Liquid and Combustible Liquid?
Flammable has flashpoint less than 100F, Ex. Gasoline, Acetone; Combustible has flashpoint greater than 100F, Kerosene, Vegetable Oil
Describe and give example of Natural Gas?
Nontoxic, Asphyxiant, No Odor but Mercaptan added, Lighter than Air, Explosive between 5 - 15%, Example - Methane
Describe and give example of LPG?
Gas in liquid state, Nontoxic, Asphyxiant, No Odor but Mercaptan added, Heavier than air, Explosive between 1.5 - 10%; Example, Propane
Describe Gas Emergency Procedure?
Evacuate, Eliminate ignition sources, Do Not extinguish if unable to shut off flow, Protect exposures
Define PCBs?
Polychlorinated Biphenyls; Found in transformers; Flammable and Carcinogenic
Define BLEVE?
Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
What is the ideal location for water application to prevent BLEVE?
Upper Portion of Tank
Define Ground Gradient?
Tendency of energized electrical conductor to pass its current along path of least resistance
Define Local System Alarm?
Only initiated manually
How does Fusible Link work?
Solder melts, Spring contacts, Alarm sounds
How does Frangible Bulb work?
Glass vial contains liquid and air bubble, Bulb fractures, Contact made, Alarm sounds
Name 2 general types of automatic sprinklers?
Complete coverage and Partial coverage
Name 2 types of Smoke Detectors?
Photoelectric and Ionization
Name 3 Sprikler release mechanisms?
Fusible Link, Frangible Bulb, Chemical Pellets
Name 4 Sprinkler Head positions?
Pendant, Upright, Sidewall, Special Purpose
Which type of Sprinkler position is the most common?
Define Loss Control?
Minimize damage and provide customer service through mitigating and recover methods before, during, and after incident
Define Salvage?
Procedure to reduce primary fire and secondary water damage during fire fighting operations
Define Overhaul?
Search and extinguish hidden fires after fire is controlled