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What does Renaissance mean?
Rebirth (of culture, discoveries, art, etc)
Why did the Renaissance begin in northern Italy?
Italian merchants had grown into a rich and powerful class and controlled the Mediterranean trade. They spent their wealth acquiring the best art, literature, educations, architecture, etc.
What is a "patron of the arts"?
Rich Italians such as the Pope or members of the Medici family would pay for others to learn, create, and teach arts, sciences, etc. Often rediscovering the knowledge of ancient Greece and Rome)
How did the Medici family gain their wealth?
They established banks. They later became very influential in politics.
How did Renaissance art shift in focus from the medieval viewpoint or style?
(1) Renaissance art focused on earthly (secular) themes, and had a more realisitic look even to paintings with religious themes; (2) Renaissance art expressed Greek and Roman themes or styles; (3) Renaissance art had perspective and proportion. Medieval art was almost completely religious, idealized (not realistic) with no proportion or perspective.
Why was the Renaissance a period of rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman knowledge?
Scholars brought back knowledge and books preserved by Islamic Golden Age as well as the Byzantine Empire.
The Church rejected (forbidden) Greek and Roman knowledge in the early Middle Ages as pagan. Renaissance man began to rediscover these ideals again.
Why is the Renaissance considered the beginning of the modern age?
While most Renaissance people were very religious, they were beginning to look at the secular world around them and ask questions.
What was the Renaissance philosophy of humanism?
Renaissance writers and artists focused on the world around them. It looked at the potential of man and the genius of the individual. SECULAR means relating to worldly things, not just religious fear of not going to heaven.
What Renaissance genius is considered the "universal man" (L'homme universale)?
Leonardo da Vinci, who painted, designed, invented, etc. He could do it all (helicopters, subs, the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper).
What Renaissance genius carved "David" and the "Pieta" and painted the roof of the Sistine Chapel?
Who painted the "School of Athens", recreating the world of ancient Athens painting the faces of Renaissance men into the painting?
Raphael. This painting is a perfect summary of the Renaissance attitudes and interests.
What Renaissance writer wrote the first realistic view of politics and leadership?
Niccolo Macchiavelli - he wrote a book called The Prince. It supported the cruelty of absolute power. "The end justifies the means." "It is better to be feared than loved" as a ruler.
Who wrote the Divine Comedy?
Dante Aligheri.
How did the Renaissance spread?
It followed the Mediterranean trade routes and then spread north to Belgium, the Netherlands, etc which had growing trade cities.
When did the Renaissance end?
Most people place the end of the Renaissance with the reign of Elizabeth I of England and the time of Shakespeare as the end.