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If my respiratory quotient is greater than 1 what is happening?
If I have thryotoxicosis what acid-base problem would I have?
Respiratory Acidosis
Oxygenated or Deoxygenated hemoglobin is ideally suited to buffer H+ ions in venous blood (coming from tissue CO2)?
Deoxygenated because it is less acidic than oxygenated.
What do you see when you get a right shift in the oxygen binding curve?
Reduced binding of O2, and increased protons, increased CO2, increased 2,3-DPG, increased temperature.
If you have agammagloublinemia what loss in function do you get and what plasma protein do you lose?
Lose antibody function and gamma globulin
Perfusion in the body at rest delivers the most percent of cardiac output to what organ?
Kidney then brain.
Lung maturation in fetuses are accelerated by what?
What is excreted in exchange for Na in distal convoluted tubule?
Hydrogen and Potassium
What happens when I contract the efferent arteriole in the glomerulus?
increase GFR
What are some ways Hydrogen is excreted in the proximal tubule and distal tubule?
Via NH4+ and H2PO4-
If I have increased ECV and dereased ICV ( volumes of fluids fyi) what clinical problem could be causing this hypertone hydration?
What are some factors to when Renin is released?
NaCl delivery to macula densa is low. blood pressure at JG cells is low.
What are three types of cells in the JG apparatus?
Macula densa cells and JG (granular cells), and Mesangial cells.

If you're reading this you got this! Almost through push through man or girl depending of if girls read this ha!
Where is vitamin b12 and bilesalts absorbed?
Terminal ileum duhhh! You didn't know that?
How is CCK released and what is the function?
Released by fat and peptides in duodenum and results in enzyme rich pancreatic secretion, gallbladder contractions.
Which Hormone results in Spermatogenesis?
FSH acting on the sertoli cells.
What is the name of the disease that cause potassium depletion and hypertension?
CONN hyperaldoseronism.
What are tumors of the adrenal medulla called?
What does insulin do in the liver in regards to Carbs and Fat?
It increases glycogen synthesis and decrease gluconeogensis and increases lipogenesis.
What is the time when Babies stands alone?
14 months.
What is Erikson stage for 20-25?
Intimacy vs. that all all there are so many to go through.
What is the tests for mental age in children and teenagers?
IQ=mental age/biological age and also specifically stanford binet (for children and teenagers).
In operate conditioning what are some types of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement?
Positive reinforcement = Candy
Negative Reinforcement = Shock