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Why is the election of John XXIII to the papacy such a momentous event? (3)
-son of poor peasant farmers
-more pastoral than autocratic
-he even looked different
What does John decide to do and why does John decide to do this? (4)
John calls for Vatican II.

He does this for 4 reasons:
-update the church
-bring the church into the modern world
-how can the church become more relevant to people?
-how should the church respond to the modern world and its problems?
What is an ecumenical council?
a meeting of the entire church at least represented by all the bishops
What is Vatican II?
a unique and revolutionary council
Why was Vatican II a unique and revolutionary council? (6)
1. the largest council ever held (2500+ bishops)
2. first time all 6 permanently inhabited continents were represented (different places do things differently
3. most of the world's nationalities and cultures are represented
4. non-catholics invited as observers (orthodox, protestant, jewish, muslim, buddist, hindu observers)
5. members of the laity were invited as observers
6. its purpose is different
-look at the church itself (the nature of the church - what is this entity we call the church?)
-the mission of the church (what is the job, duty, and work of the church)
How does Vatican II define or describe the church?
as a community
What is the definition of a community? (2)
-no forced membership
-they did not describe the church as a monarchy, hierarchy, etc.
What three elements does the church have in common? (3)
What is the three fold mission of the church? (3)
-to spread the good news of jesus
-to be a prophetic voice to others
-be a sign of christ to others
Who is called to participate in the three fold mission?
Not only the hierarchy.... all members
Why is the church considered a SACRAMENT?
a SACRAMENT is a sign of an encounter with god
What does the term 'People of God' mean?
it refers to the church and it applied to all who chose to be a part of the covenant community
What does Vatican II try to do for or achieve for the church? (14)
1. to update the church by going back to its roots
2. modernize the church
3. make the church and its teachings more relevant to people
4. highlighted/emphasised the community aspect of the church
5. emphasised the collegial aspect of the church
6. emphasised the role of the laity in the church
7. re-emphasizes church teaching in social morality
8. tries to answer questions regarding peace and warfare
9. trying to make the faith a "more mature" one
10. emphasised the concept of religious freedom
11. it brought liturgical reforms
12. tried to come to terms with divisions in christianity
13. examined role of heirarchy and laity
14. acknowledged that the church is larger than solely the catholic church
What is the role of the hierarchy in the church?
a model of authority that is broken into levels
What are the three levels of the hierarchy? (3)
1. bishop
2. priest
3. deacons
What vows are taken by the members of the heirarchy? (2)
What are the jobs/duties specific to level of deacan? (4)
1. perform baptisms
2. preach (read) the gospel at mass
3. preach (give) a homily or sermon at mass
4. be the church's official witness at weddings
What are the jobs/duties specific to diocesan priests? (3)
-recieve poverty level wages for 1 person in their area
-must pay their own way
-can keep whatever is given
What are the jobs/duties specific to level of bishop? (7)
1. they run their diocese (a geographic division of the worldwide church)
2. "the teacher" of the diocese
a. his job is to hand to us those truths (religious beliefs) that have been handed down for 2000 years
b. he cannot change church teaching
3. see that their diocese runs smoothly in finances (ex: annual dicesan appeal)
4. see that all in the diocese have access to the sacraments (especially confirmation and holy orders)
5. usual minister of confirmation
6. must be the minister of holy orders
7. see that his diocese runs smotothly, morally
What does the term apostolic succession mean?
the present group of bishops are successors to the original group of bishops and they have the same authority over the church
What conditions must be met for the bishops as one large group to make an infallible statement? (3)
-speaking ex cathedra
-speaking to the entire church
-speaking on faith or morals
What 'type' of authority stucture does the concept of apostolic succession call for?
What is collegiality?
the sharing of power in a group
What is a cardinal?
honorary title given to a bishop or priest
What are the duties of a cardinal?
to elect the Pope
What is the role of the Pope?
he is a bishop who runs the church
Why was the Pope given this role?
because of history, geocgraphy, invasions, and theology, the bishop of rome was given the added job of running the entire church on a daily basis
What is papal infallibility?
free from error
What three conditions must be met for the Pope to make an infallible statement?
-speaking ex cathedra (as head of the church)
-speaking to the entire church
-speaking on faith or morals
For our purposes, how many infallible statements has the Pope made?
Why does celibacy for clergy develop in Western Christianity? (4)
1. following the example of Jesus
2. job efficiency
3. Sacrifice
4. Prevent Scandal
From what areas is Church teaching derived? (2)
-sacred scripture
-sacred tradition
What does the term Sacred Scripture mean?
holy writings
What is the Sacred Scripture of the Catholic Church?
the Bible
What are the divisions of the Bible? (2)
-old testament
-new testament
What does the term testament mean?
Why is the term covenant the best synonym for the term testament?
it is a relationship
What does a covenant create?
a relationship between you and god
What does the Old Testament tell? (2)
-tells of the old covenant between yahweh and the jewish people
-it had rules and regulations to govern it
What are the rules and regulations of the Old Testament?
10 Commandments
What do the first 3 commandments govern?
relationship between jewish people and god
What do the other 7 commandments govern?
relationship between jewish people and others
What were the 10 Commandments an attempt to establish?
regulation of relationships
How is peace defined?
good relationships
How is justice defined?
fair and equal treatment for all
Who were sent to remind the Jewish people of the covenant?
What are the ways to define/describe what a prophet is? (5)
1. Individuals called by God to preach his message
2. reminding the people of the covenant and 10 commandments
3. had a deeper understanding of Original Justice
4. called people to conversion
5. very concerned with social justice
What is 1 way to understand what sin is?
changing from a self-centered attitude to an other-centered attitude
What does the term originial justice mean?
what god planned for creation when god created it
What does the term social justice mean?
expands 'regular' justice
What does the New Testament tell?
tells the new covenant between jesus and all people
What are the rules and regulations of the New Testament? (2)
-love god
-love your neighbor
Where, generally, can the rules and regulations of the New Testament be found?
in the serman on the mount
How is love defined?
concern or respect for others
What does the term Sacred Tradition mean?
the body of truth that has been handed down to us from the apostolic time
What are examples of Sacred Tradition? (2)
What or whom can help us come to better and deeper understandings of what the Church teaches? (3)
What is a theologian?
one who studies a religion and what it believes
Who were the Fathers of the Church?
lived up to the 8th century
Who were the Doctors of the Church?
lived from 9th century onward
What is a synod?
meeting of the bishops of a country or area
What is an encyclical?
a letter from the pope
What is a pastoral letter?
a letter from a bishop or a synod of bishops