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3 important financial functions for excel
-payment of a loan
-constant interest rate
-PMT (rate, period, loan amount)
2 ways to change file to webpage format (.htm, .html)
-save as
-save as webpage
if condition(s)in excel
when we filter part of a calculation because we are dealing with several outcomes
3 methods of integration from excel to word
-copy and paste
-copy and embed
-copy and link
4 parts of a table in access
database in access
describes a collection of data organized in a manner that allows easy access, retrieval, and use of that data
microsoft access
a powerful databaase that functions in the windows environment that allows to create and process data in a database
what we use access for
to create database in order to add, change, retrieve, delte, sort, and create forms and reports
the rows of a table in access
the columns of a table in access
primary key
the unique number (acts as a password) in access that is assigned to you
2 methods of adding records in access
-datasheet view
-form view
datasheet view in access
can see the entire database when you are adding
form view in access
can see only the things that we want to see {better for security when editing}
query in access
a condition with an effect

(for AND conditions use the same row and for OR conditions use consecutive rows)
2 types of wildcards in access
-when several characters are missing (J***) {use the asterick for a collection of missing characters}
-when one character is missing (JE?F) {use the question mark for one mission character}
filter in access
temperary query
3 problems that storing data on multiple records can cause
-waste space
-make updating difficult
-a possibility of inconsistency
difference between the MS office programs in regard to converting files to HTML
-for word, excel and power point, the whole file can be converted to html
-for access, only part of the file can be converted
xml is a text-based markup language that is fast becomming the standard for data interchange on the web. it is a programming language that is similar to html, but is more customized in order to exchange data between two programs
common image file extensions
-WMF: windows metafile
-GIF: graphic interchange format
-JPEG: joint photographic experts group (a compressed file)
microsoft powerpoint
a complete presentation package
4 things that powerpoint is used for
-speaker notes
-self running electronic presentation
3 ways to create a presentation
-auto content wizard
-design template
-blank presentation
5 views of powerpoint
-normal view (consists of outline view and slide view)
-notes page view (speaker view)
-slide sorter view
-slide show view
-master view
normal view in powerpoint
work on one side at a time
slide sorter view in powerpoint
work through a few slides at a time
master view in powerpoint
can edit all the slides at once
slide show view (presentation) in powerpoint
see one slide at a time
auto content wizard
helps you decide about the content and order of your presentation (3 steps)
requirement of changing the structure of a slide in powerpoint
you must create a placeholder
2 types of hyperlinks in powerpoint
way to create an automatic slide show
-use rehearse timings button
publishing in powerpoint
process of making web poages available to others
FTP (file transfer protocol)
an internet standard that allows computers to exchange fles with other computers on the internet
4 ways of uploading powerpoint to a web server
-using web folder (windows 98)
-web sites on MSN (my web sites on MSN)
-using FTP (windows)
-using FTP (DOS)
4 ways to connect to the internet
-dial up
the 4 ways to connect to the internet are based on what 4 criterias
how a DSL (digital subscriber line) is hooked up
are hooked up at both ends of phone line: one in the home; the other in the phone company's switching station
3 channels that the DSL modem divid the phone line into
-two lines for the phone
-one line handles the upload data from computer to internet
-the third line handles the download data from the internet to your computer
4 types of DSL
Asymmetric DSL (ADSL) - 60-1 MB
Symmetric DSL services - 768k
High-rate digital subscriber line (HDSL) - 1.5mbps
Super-high-rate DSL - up to 2.3 mbps
2 aspects of cable
1. delivered by cable television operator
2. speed is shared in a neighborhood
4 aspects of dish
-for homes and offices (fixed locations)
-use dish antennas
-respnable speed
a software program that facilitates browsing and retrieving infromtation from the world wide web
4 major browsers
-mozilla foundtation firefox (2.0)
-internet explorer (7.0)
-netscape (8.0)
-opera (9.0)
4 aspects of Internet Explorer (7.0)
-optimizes screen space
-Tabbed Browsing
-built in search engines
-improved security
8 aspects of mozilla foundtation firefox(2.0)
-faster then previous version
-tabbed browsing
-pop-up blocking
-types login names and passwords
-can delete your personal browsing history
-anti-phishing filter.
-it is available in 40 languages with close to 2000 add-ons
-it may not work with a few sites (some MS sites and some bank sites)
9 aspects of netscape (8.0)
-same engine as firefox
-faster start-up time and
-updated plug-ins like macromedia flash
-improved security (most secure)
-trusted rating system.
-uses color for tab of each window and it has multi-bar feature
-it has built in spyware.
-has passcard
-it has built in search engines
12 aspects of opera (9.0)
-pop-up blocking
-integrated searches
-password manager
-detailed privacy and security options
-integrated mail, news, and chat.
-available in 24 languages
-cookie filtering
-security bar and encryption
-tab browsing
-password manager
-voice command
-built in search bar
4 versions of windows vista
-home basic
-home premium
3 things that windows vista has to offer
-improved security
-improved file management
-super B networking capabilities
4 aspects of vistas interface
-eye catching
-looks like mac operating system
-has sidebar which you can add shit
-can activate thumbnails feature
4 aspects of vistas security
-windows defender(antispyware)
-internet explorer 7
-user account control (UAC)
3 problems with vista
-user account control is time consuming
-high hardware requirements
VPN (Virtual Private Network) in vista
a private network that uses a public network (usually the internet) to connect remote sites or users together. instead of using a dedicated, real world connection such as a leased line, a VPN uses virtual connections routed through the internet from the company's private network to the remote site or employee
speed of cable, dsl, dish, and dialup from fastest to slowest
1. cable
2. dsl
3. dish
4. dialup
cost of cable, dsl, dish, and dialup from highest to lowest
1. dish
2. cable
3. dsl
4. dialup
security of cable, dsl, dish, and dialup from best to worst
1. dialup and dish
2. dsl
3. cable
availablity of cable, dsl, dish, and dialup from plenty to hard to find
1. dialup
2. dsl and cable
3. dish
trend in use of cable since 2000
trend in use of DSL or ADSL since 2000
trend of dialup since 2000
advantage of copy and paste from excel to word
easy and we all know about it
2 disadvantages of copy and paste from excel to word
-no source document features (formating, calculation, functions, graphs)
-no link between the source document and the destination in word
2 advantages of copy and embed from excel to word
-source document features are all available
disadvantage of copy and embed from excel to word
no link (the changes made in the destination file do not change in the source file)
3 advantages of copy and link from excel to word
-source document features are all available
-there is a link
disadvantage of copy and link from excel to word
more space is needed to save the file
notes per page view in excel (speaker view)
when you edit your slide you can take notes on each page that are hidden during the presentation
3 different views of access