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Acute angle closure glaucoma
SLE (angles <1/4), GAT, Pupils

Sx: pain, blurry vision (acute), nausea, HA’s

Look for: increased IOP’s, decreased VA’s, mid-dilated pupils, narrow/closed angles

Ptn. profile: hyperope, Eskimo, HTN, (+) cardiovascular diz.
Bacterial conjunctivitis
SLE (inf lids/cornea), Pupils

Sx: pain, tenderness, (+) inferior papillae, - follicles, pain, red eye (acute), mucopurulent discharge

Look for: copious discharge, chemosis, hyperemia, (+) PAN, red, swollen lids, subconj hemes

Ptn. profile: (+) venereal disease
Corneal abrasion
SLE (cornea), NaFl, lid eversion, pupils

Sx: trauma, pain, photophobia, FB sensation, tearing, red eye, blepharospasm

Look for: central punctate staining (CL overwear), NaFl staining, FB
Corneal ulcer
SLE (cornea), NaFl

Sx: pain, photophobia, decreased VA, swelling

Look for: localized NaFl pooling, AC reaction, grey-white ulcer (Staph)

Ptn. profile: EW SCL wearer, corneal trauma, tear film anomalies
Dry eye

Sx: dry, gritty, sandy feeling, burning epiphora, photosensitivity

Look for: inferior 1/3 NaFl staining, band pattern staining, dry mucous membranes, decreased TBUT (< 10 sec), abnormal Schirmers ( < 5mm? )

Ptn. profile: older, postmenstral women, lagophthalmos, associated Sjogren’s, Stevens-Johnson, SCL wearer, meds: antihist., sedatives, diuretics, beta blockers, parasympatholytics, Accutane
Foreign body
SLE (cornea), NaFl

Sx: FB sensation, tearing, pain, photophobia, red eye, hyperemia

Look for: FB tracks, epithelial staining, rust rings, AC rxn.
Giant papillary conjunctivitis
SLE (superior cornea), lid eversion, NaFl

Sx: itching (mechanical), tearing, mucous discharge, FB sensation, photophobia

Look for: cobblestone papillae superior palperbral conj.

Ptn. profile: CL wearer
Herpes simplex
SLE (cornea, AC), NaFl

Sx: lid vesicles, mild fever, (+) PAN, mild/moderate pain
Look for: dendritic corneal ulcers w/ terminal end bulbs (stain well with NaFl and Rose), decreased corneal sensitivity, tender PAN, diffuse SPK, SEI’s, AC rxn

Ptn. profile: younger, teens, hx of primary HSV type I infections
Herpes zoster
SLE (cornea, AC), NaFl

Sx: pain, HA, fever, malaise, chills, painful neuralgia, prodome, FB sensation

Look for: vesicular lesions that respect midline (head, torso), pseudo-dendrite ulcers without terminal end bulbs, (-) NaFl, (+) Rose, Hutchinson’s sign, diffuse SPK, petechial sub conj hemes

Ptn profile: olders
SLE (conical beam), GAT

Sx: red eye, decreased VA’s, photophobia, dull pulsating pain (deep), pain with accommodation

Look for: AC reaction (cells and flare), decreased IOPs
SLE (conj/limbus/cornea), NaFl

Sx: usually asymptomatic, maybe decreased vision, induced astigmatism, red eye, FB sensation

Look for: white/pink triangular tissue growth on nasal/temp. conj/cornea, associated dellen

Ptn profile: ptn who spends a lot of time outdoors
SLE (inferior lid margin), NaFl

Sx: red eye, FB sensation, chronic tearing, decreased Vas

Look for: entropion, misdirected lashes, epithelial defects (staining, infections, ulcers), SPK
Recurrent corneal erosions
SLE (cornea), NaFl

Sx: pain when you get up in the morning, photophobia, tearing, blur, FB sensation

Look for: + NaFl staining, microcysts, ridges of epithelial basement membrane

Ptn profile: + MDF, trauma
Viral conjunctivitis
SLE (inferior palp conj, cornea), Lid eversion, PAN

Sx: FB sensation, irritation, red eye (hyperemia), swollen lids

Look for: inferior follicular response, tender PAN, clear/watery discharge, pseudomembranes