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Small, petty man. Impressed with his authority. Not overly bright.
The Foreman
(Juror #1)
Meek, hesitant.
Can't maintain own opinions.
Easily swayed.
Juror #2
Strong, forceful, EXTREMELY opinionated man.
Humorless, intolerant of others opinions.
Juror #3
Man of wealth and position.
Practiced speaker.
Feels above the rest.
Appalled at behavior of other jurors.
Juror #4
Naive, frightened, YOUNG man.
Takes obligations seriously.
Finds it difficult to speak when elders have the floor.
Juror #5
Honest but dull-witted.
Finds it difficult to create positive opinions.
Accepts others opinions which appeal to him most.
Juror #6
Loud, flashy, glad-handed SALESMAN.
Has more important things to do than sit on a jury.
Quick temper, a bully and a coward.
Juror #7
Quiet, thoughtful, gentle man.
Sees all sides of every question.
Man of strength tempered with compassion.
Man who will fight to see justice.
Juror #8
Mild, gentle OLD MAN.
Man who knows what he is and is waiting to die.
Juror #9
Angry, bitter man.
Antagonizes on sight.
Places no value on human life except his own.
Juror #10
Came to U.S. in 1941. Accent. Ashamed, humble. Honestly seeks justice because he has suffered INjustice.
Juror #11
Slick, Bright, ADVERTISING man.
Thinks of people in terms of percents, graphs and polls.
Superficial snob but trying to be a good guy.
Juror #12
dogged (adj)
persistent, stubborn
naive (adv)
unsophisticated; lacking worldly wisdom
subservient (adv)
counsel (n)
unanimous (adj)
showing complete agreement
monopoly (n)
exclusive control
defendant (n)
in law, the person accused
abstain (v)
voluntarily refrain from
"I will abstain from voting"
motives (n)
the emotions or impulses that cause a person to act in a certain way.
insignificant (adj)
having little or no importance
simulated (adj)
taking on the appearance of
insignificant (adj)
having little or no importance
arrogance (n)
pride; self-importance.
acquittal (n)
the judgment of a judge or jury that a person is NOT GUILTY of a crime as charged
intimidate (v)
to discourage or inhibit by making threats.
sadist (n)
cruel for fun; enjoys others pain and discomfort.