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state the function and responsibilities of material control
provide material support to their cognizant organizations and coordinate indirect material requirements to ensure the material ordered is the material required and delivered to the work centers.
4 things material control does
1:establish delivery/pick up points for material ordered
2:furnish information to the supply activity on the identity and quantity of material
3:Ensure surveys are prepared in the event of loss, damage, or destruction of accountable material.
4: maintain adequate accountability of material and equipment on custody.
what does OPTAR mean and are OFC-01 and AFM
Operational Target Funding
OFC-01 = Flight Operations Fund
AFM = Aviation Fleet Maintenance
5 things OFC-01 procures
1: Aviation fuels consumed in flight operations
2: Consumable offices supplies for squadrons
3: Aerial film, recording tape, and chart paper consumed in flight
4: liquid and gaseous oxygen consumed during flight by the aircrew
5: Nitrogen used in aircraft and weapons systems
5 things AFM procures
1: rags, towels, and any compounds used in preventative maint. and corrosion control
2: Safety/Flight deck boots used in maint. shops
3: Authorized decals used on aircraft
4: maint./replacement of equipment listed in the AIR
5: oils/lubs/fuel additives used durring flight operations
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedure

DOD procedure to govern requisition and issue of material within standard priorities
define ICRL
Individual Component Repair List

statement of the IMA's component repair capability that contains existing repair capability data on items previously processed by the IMA
define CRIPL
Consolidated Remain-In-Place List
define NMCS
Not Mission Capable Supply
define PMCS
Partial Mission Capable Supply