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Vascular anatomy that borders the head
Vascular anatomy that borders the neck
Vascular anatomy that borders the body
SMA, splenic vein
Vascular anatomy that borders the tail
splenic vein
Blood supply to the head is from the:
pancreaticduodenal arteries, pancreatic arcade, GDA
Blood supply to the body and tail is from the:
splenic artery branches (dorsal pancreatic, pancreatica magna, caudal pancreatic arteries)
3 components of pancreatic juice and the food substances they act on
Trypsin (protein)
Amylase (carbs)
Lipase (fats)
Three hormones produces by the pancreas
Insulin, glucagon, somatostatin
Function of:
Glucose to glycogen
Glycogen back to glucose
Inhibits alpha and beta cells
Two structures that appear in the pancreas head
GDA is more anterior, but are circular on trans and elongated on sagittal
Echogenicity of the pancreas
More echodense than the liver but less homogeneous
On a transverse image of the pancreas, the section of the pancreas obtained is:
A sagitall image shows the aorta and SMA-what part of the pancreas will be shown?
What part of the pancreas is shown to the left of an imaginary line drawn between the portal splenic confluence and the IVC?
Uncinate process
Describe vessels fromt he biliary tree and pancreas that enter the duodenum
CBD and duct of Wirsung usually enter the ampulla of the duodenum together. The duct of Santorini enter the duodenum about 2cm superior to the main duct and CBD
Where in the abdominal cavity is the pancreas located?
Epigastrium of the left hypochondrium
Pancreatic juices of the exocrine system
Amylase (carbs)
Lipase (fats)
Tryspin, chymotrypsin, carboxypeptidase (proteins)
Muscles (nucliec acids)
Sodium Bicarbonate (hydrochloric acid)
Pancreatic juice moves through the ________ and usually meets the CBD before both enter the duodenum through the _______
Duct of Wirsung
Ampulla of Vater
The functional part of the pancreas as an endocrine glad is located in the
Islets of Langerhans
An accesory duct and normal variant that enters the duodenum immediately superior to the main duct
Duct of Santorini
The head is cradled in the _______
C-loop of the duodenum
The neck is anterior to the
SMV and portal splenic confluence
The body is anterior to the
The tail can been seen near the
What vein lies posterior to the body and tail of the pancreas?
Splenic Vein
What is the uncinate process?
A posteriormedial projection of pancreatic tissue that extends from the head
Normal size of the pancreas
Length 12-13cm
Width 3-5cm
Thickness 2.5cm
Which two vessels are seen in the pancreas head?
What artery perfuses the head and which the tail?