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The left gonadal vein empties into the:
Left Renal Vein
The right gonadal vein empties into the:
Inferior Vena Cava (IVC)
The superior mesenteric vein empties into the:
Portal Vein
Primary function of the IVC
Carry deoxygenated blood from the lower limbs, pelvis, and and abdomen to the RT atrium
Blood flow in the veins should be ______ and ______
Spontaneous and phasic
The lumen of all normal veins should appear anechoic, except for:
Valves and Slow Moving Blood
What is the function of venous valves?
To prevent backflow of blood
The IVC should not exceed _____cm in diameter
3.7 cm
What veins drain the lower extremities and pelvis and join to form the IVC?
Common Iliac Veins
2 reasons that the IVC and visible branches are evaluated
Intraluminal Thrombosis
Tumor Invasion
What does the portal vein do for the liver?
It supplies the liver with venous blood rich in nutrients
The portal vein empties blood from:
The gastrointestinal system
The portal vein should measure:
Up to 13mm
Which two veins join to form the portal vein?
Superior Mesenteric Vein
Splenic Vein
Which two veins empty the intestine?
Superior Mesenteric Vein
Inferior Mesenteric Vein
The medial branch of the left portal vein feeds the:
Medial segment of the left lobe of the liver
Blood traveling from the spleen to the liver must pass through the:
Main Portal Vein
What is the function of the main portal vein?
Delivers blood from the spleen and GI tract to the liver for metabolism and detoxification
Flow from the portal vein should be ______ the liver. This flow should be _____ in response to respiration.
What is the playboy bunny sign?
What is the seagull sign?
Splenic artery and hepatic arteries coming off of the celiac axis
What forms the portal vein?
Confluence from the splenic vein, SMV, IMV above the head of the pancreas
The portal vein supplies what percent of the livers blood?
over 50%
What is the portal triad formed by?
Hepatic arteries, bile ducts, portal veins
Why is the function of the main portal vein so unique?
It supplies the liver with blood rather than empty
What is the porta hepatis?
An area where the vessels meet the liver