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The Emergency call out deployment plan is applicable to what type of incidents?
- nuclear
that cause shortages in staff.
If you are called in for an emergency call back, how long should you plan to be gone?
72 hours
On what document should you keep your address and numbers updated?
Life Safety Services Shift Personnel Deployment
Whre should you respond if you are called in by em deployment?
Not to the incident but, to a location that is not congested where you can be reached
Incident commander resp.
Advise dispatch to advise Glendale admin. staff via pager to initiate call back plan.
Who is resp for making sure that dispatch has accurate numbers?
Life Safety Services Chief
The life safety serv. chief should initaite the call back. to do so thay must contact(6)
1. fire chief
2. ops chief
3. em ops cntr chief 4. fd admin staff
5. fire admin staff
6. ICP
FD members will fall into what 2 catagories
1. limited
2. extensive
It is the resp of who to make sure the contact tree and personell data sheets are updated on a ______ basis.
operations chief

Limited callback
limited # of members required
ot list
How long do you have to arrive if called in on limited callback?
1 hour
whos resp is it to sucure staff and who should they report to?
operations chief

life safety serv. chief
Who can you tune into for constant info?
KTAR 620a.m.
Extensive callback
ex) bomb in gov. bldg.
What are the time requ for being called on extensive call back?
no time limit, must take care of ur family 1st.
What role will the 1st arriving firefighter take?
ICP and remain until relieved
Staffing levels
four members (2 paramedics)

may run temp. with 3 if not enough staffing.
What type of staffing and shift changes may be in effect if on a large emergency incidents .
we might go to 12 hour shifts
particularry in the first 72 hours

resp. of the life safety chief to determine

maybe even 4-6 hour work/rest periods

try to change back to 24 asap and continue scene on ot basis
Logistic chief resp.
provide and manage supplies

forecast and obn