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1984-Chestnut tree
where people went before they got vaporized.
People felt free to talk out against Big Brother
1984 Newspeak
dumbed downed speech
1984 Paperweight
symbol of Winstons relationship with julie
coral=julies life and his own. Coaral looked so big because of the glass but when it broke he relaized it wasnt that big and their relationship wasnt as good as he thought
1984 winston Rebelion
born before party so he knows about life before. feeds off ideas and doesnt agree with the party. Trys to uncover the past and figure out how life was in the past. comits thought-crime
1984 Julie Rebelion
born during the party. so no idea of a different life. A sexual rebel. Loves sex even though the party has taken away the fun of it. only questions the ideas of the party if they affected her.
1984 War Is Peace
proles make up 88% of pop could easliy over throw BB. BB makes up fake war and bombs the streets where the proles live to keep peace.
1984 Power
party wants power because they dont think that people can govern themselves. BB wants power becuase hw was to be the party. he wants to be an idea because an idea cannot die.